Helicopter 2 Campaign

Merry Christmas! (well it is now in the UK)

So I am pleased to announce that the Helicopter 2 Campaign/Group Build is now on.

if a moderator can sticky this thread, I would be grateful indeed.



Glad to see this start and here is a pic of my kit and extras.


I have the “Thugs” version of that italeri/academy kit and i have another few in my stash that i am thinking about so it’s either going to the Kiowa or the Huey gunship.


I am planning on making a start on this very soon. Going to tackle the cockpit and see how much of the eduard stuff I will actually use, other than the seatbelts. I’ve also decided to try the AK real colours paints for the first time on this build.

I take it we will be using this thread for progress reports rather than the initial recruitment thread, seeing as this one is in the group build section?

Cheers, Jim.

I’ll be happy to pin it. How long do you plan for this one to run?

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

@michaelsatin I’m thinking the end of September Michael

Right-o, October 1 it is.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks Michael

My entry 1/72 Fujimi Ch-46d with Wolfpak Decals and some interior details.


Hi mates,
started my entry last night :smiley:


good luck mate

what are the thoughts on the osprey being a part of this campaign? any issues?

If not I will join in.

@Mrclark7 I think that’s more of a vtol aeroplane than a helicopter, so I would say no.


no problem, did know if this was covered somewhere earlier.

I get that aspect of it, I view it more as a helo since at least in the Marine Corps, most pilots came from helo side of the house ( at least the people I knew) and helo units where the ones transitioned from CH-46 to MV-22 units. In a number of cases the accidents where partially caused by fixed wing pilots who had not understood the helo side of things.

For those reasons I would have thought the MV-22 could participate in a helo campaign.

@Tank_1812 yeah I appreciate what you are saying but that’s more about the crews rather than the machines and if you replace the propellers with jets then you basically have a harrier vtol jet and besides I have to draw the line somewhere and there are plenty of helicopters out there that can be built.

kind regards


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Just providing another view point, it’s all good.

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Some progress with my Seaking here…

I must not forget to add the seatbelts, upps!