Helicopter 2 Campaign

It’s looking good mate, the AFV club decals in my Warrior kit weren’t great, I think things can be a bit hit or miss sometimes. I wish someone would do an up to date Lynx in 1/35, Maybe even a Wildcat.

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An AH-7 would be great in the bigger scale and would sell!
Come on Revell (if they’re reading), you’re already half way there!

I agree, there are a couple of Revell 1/32 Lynx that look nice. I really like the Royal Navy version, has anyone built any?
Well I’m on the final straight with my OH58D, small detail painting to do, a couple of pieces have come off due to handling and so need fettling but here I am at the moment.


That’s looking great. Going to be really nice when it’s finished.

I do have the big Revell HAS.3 and German Mk.88. Picked them up on sale at a Toymaster store when we were on holiday in Cornwall. Think I paid a tenner or something silly for them.
Really nice kits, lots of detail in the cockpit and cabin and choice of external stores. Stingray torpedoes, Sea Skuas or door mounted gun. Only complaint I would have is that Revell didn’t give you the option of modelling the rotors folded. So it needs a bit of space to display. The Airfix 1/48’s on the other hand do have the choice. Really must make a start on one of them and I want to get the HMA.8 too.

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The Lynx and Kiowa are looking great. Excellent job on both.

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ok i am throwing this out there and have created a proposal thread for a new helicopter campaign entitled:


the idea is to build huey in any scale or version of a UH-1, any branch of service, coast guard or civilian usage. it would starting on Christmas day and would run for 9 months ending in September 2022.

let me know what you think and if you are interested please sign up, assuming i have set up the new campaign proposal thing properly (it’s my first time doing it this way so there might be a technical glitch or two as i am still learning.


ome canopy work and she is ready for the paint barn.

Numbers seem to be 35414 and 35526 in the decal instructions. I want to use Tamiya colors if possible. I was thinking XF-19 and XF-83.

Wasn’t sure if this was close enough or with all the newer grey color releases there is something closer for this project.

Thanks for any help


Inching towards the finish.

Got a gloss coat on tonight, decals and fiddly bits tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe. I’ll be done on time.


the Apache and Cobra are coming on a treat guys and look awesome, I can’t wait to see them finished.

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You and me both.


you’ll get there mate :sunglasses:

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Great looking builds everyone…

My build is not all that complicated just somewhat fiddly… anyways I’ve been working on it when I get time… Life keeps interfering… lol… anyways here is what I got so far. I am hoping the final assembly goes ok and if so I should finish…




it’s great to see a non military entry and you’ve come a long way with that kit so hang in there.

I like it. I have a few with CMK bits for different versions to built one day.

Have the canopy going through the future drying cycle now. Maybe some paint today on the fuselage and finish up the other bits rotors, missile racks with no hellfires.


Right calling this one done now, I could go on and on but run the risk of ruining some things and there is only 2 days left of the campaign. I’m happy with it bearing in mind it’s my first aircraft for 40 years but won’t be my last helicopter as I have others in the stash. Fixed wing doesn’t really do it for me although I am interested in the real deal. The feed chute for the M3 is the rubber one from the kit and not the etch version from the ArmyCast resin kit. I’ve added the pilot door armour which I scratched from pictures and measurements supplied by Markii so cheers for that. There are some things I now know about this kit such as there is absolutely no need to wire the avionics bay behind the pilots unless you are going to have the door open as it is just not visible and the instrument panel is barely visible.
Anyway all done and pics below.


Great looking Kiowa!

yep after detailing all that stuff in the back, only to loose it all once you closed up the bird was something i noticed too…oh well i will try and remember that for next time too.

well done for finishing, she looks great!

Congratulations she looks great.

That turned out really nice. I like the burnt metal effect on the engine exhaust.

So, yesterday I pulled off all the canopy masking. A moment I always dread this close to the finish line! There’s usually something gone wrong!
Fortunately, this time it all worked out well. A couple of spots needed touching up and tidying. I’m especially happy with the blue tinting.
I’ve also been applying the decal stripes to the main and tail rotor tips. A very tedious job.

Still have to add the cabin windows, but I might just make it.