Help From the Armorama Guys

A normally build heavy trucks, and I have a plan to make this:

Into this:

Now, the kit and the actual truck are 1973 International Harvester Transtar 4070A tractors. I know that I will have to shorten the kit frame to sort of match the actual truck from the 37th Transportation Command, 8364th SCG in Germany, and the spokes are in the kit.

Now, the questions for the Armorama Guys are: what is that yellow circle that is near the right headlight, and what would be an appropriate green for the cab? I was planning on using Microscale Decals for the lettering.


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I’m no help for the green, but the yellow disc is the bridge class.

Disc shows the weight of the vehicle in tons, and it would be restricted to travel on any class less than that weight. So for your truck, it’d be restricted to class 40 bridges and above.

Edit: Jim, I moved your post over to the Armour side in hopes that more people will see it and can help with your colour conundrum.

That sure brings back some nearly fifty year old memories. I built the Ertl boxing and they gave you instructions on how to mix basic Testors colors to produce a buckskin color for the frame that matched the kit’s decals. I was quite stoked when it actually worked, let alone the fact that a tiny dime store in the village of Ancram actually had the colors I needed.
Can’t wait to see this one done.

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It looks like some sort of a bronze green.


Between all the chrome and black trim and other civilian stuff still on the cab, this truck clearly has had minimal conversion by the army. Otherwise all of that stuff would have just been overpainted.

I’m wondering if this isn’t a factory colour that was “close enough” for whatever the army was using it for at the time.

My money is on Mayan Mist

Mayan Mist shows up as grey on two different sites on my screen. For my eyes and screen Frost Green looks about right. On the link you provided I can’t read the text.

Edit: Ah, even better - Frost Green Metallic 5865.

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Odd. Silly question, are you clicking on the brochures to open a larger image?

Regardless, I will concede that Forrest Green is probably better. I’m on mobile and had my screen shifted to night mode. Myan Mist does look a lot more grey with the screen colours fixed.

You’ve seen a few things, is this truck just another example of CUCV/MILCOTS?

Yeah, it just enlarges the blurriness. :smiley:
As to your question - no idea. But I am entertaining the idea of getting back into trucks again for a bit. The 75th anniversary White Freightliner kit comes with cabs for the SD and DD version. I built the sleeper version as a kid as well. Getting the new boxing gives you an extra cab for a great junkyard scene,


I’d bet on it, and that frost green looks right. The trick now is getting a match for it.

My app say for Tamiya XF-65/54 50/50 is close, Vallejo 71.006/71.126 50/50 is closer.


Thanks for all the replies, guy. I really appreciate it. Any idea how big that MLC is supposed to be? It looks about the same size as the headlight, so I can always make it look “about right”.


According to this: TB746-93-1 Colour and Marking of Military Vehicles Section 4 Special Markings

14 - Weight Classification.
a) All single vehicles with a gross weight of over 3 tons, and alltrailers with a rated payload exceeding 11/2 tons, are classified for the purpose ofbridge crossing, per FM 5-36. Each single vehicle and vehicle combination has aclassification number for empty, cross-country loading, and highway loading. Theclassification numbers are used to determine whether a bridge, correspondingly classified,can be safely crossed.

b) All applicable self-propelled vehicles not towing other vehicleswill carry a circular sign of 9 inch diameter with the vehicle’s classification number inblack on a yellow background. This will normally be located on the front of the vehicletoward the vehicle’s right side and below the driver’s line of vision.

c) All applicable self-propelled vehicles towing other vehicles willcarry a sign similar in size, design, and location except that the classification numberof the vehicle combination will be shown with the letter C in red above the number. A 6inch yellow circle with the basic vehicle classification number in black will be marked onthe right side of the vehicle in a conspicuous location. The towed vehicle will besimilarly marked with its basic classification number.

d) When the classification number of the vehicle is not subject tochange, the marking may be applied directly on a suitable surface. On vehicles painted ingloss colours, the markings will be gloss yellow, Colour Chip No. 13538; gloss black,Colour Chip No. 17038; and gloss red, Colour Chip No. 11136. On vehicles painted insemi-gloss or lusterless colours, the markings will be lusterless yellow, Colour Chip No.33538; gloss black, Colour Chip No. 17038 and gloss red, Colour Chip No. 11136. When themarking is applied directly to vehicles painted in the same or similar colour, thecircumference of the circle will be outlined with a black circle .3/4, inch wide.

e) In usage’s where the classification number may change, a sign kitwill be utilised which consists of a 9 inch metal disk, a retaining plate, and two sets offive different numeral plates. By installing the retaining plate, the numeral plates willbe locked in place. The sign has black numerals on a yellow background and a red C on oneside of the retaining plate (figure 14).Yep

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The yellow disc is a bridge plate. It tells those in charge at such locations if the bridge can handle the weight of the truck. The trailer is not included in that number.

Here’s another one from the same unit :


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The class plate on the front includes the trailer. You can’t quite make it out in the first image but it’s there in Frenchy’s other image. There’s a red “c” above the number which indicates its towing something and that’s the combined class. There’s a class 8 plate on the passenger door.

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Another location for the class plate :



These are all great pics & great information. Thanks, all. I knew guys here would have the answers or know where to find them.



Yellow disc is bridge classification plate (as many others have said) which indicates the max. gross load weight of the vehicle versus the minimum bridge structure the vehicle would be allowed to cross.

As to the shade of green I would just use one of the several available semi-gloss “Cold War” US Greens that are available to the hobby.

Now as to that refrigerated container: I’m work’n on it!


Thanks for the info, Michael. That’s a nice looking reefer container. Is that 1/25 or 1/35?


Great job! I was building this container based on my plans? Is it a finished product ??