” Help ” slate roof tiles

Hello there ! I am building a diorama where there is a roof with slate roof tiles. I hope someone can give me tips on how to weather the roff tiles.
You can see the roof and a test piece maybe the right side can be good enough.
would be grateful if anyone can give me a tip on what I can do / Micke


What you have done looks good to me.

Second what @HeavyArty said. Looks convincing.

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I can only agree with Gino on this.
Moss could grow along the lower edges of some of the slates
Varying degrees of growth:

Download pdf from this site: Skiffertak
contains some useful images showing moss et.c.
Link to large image showing different growth/moss
Another pdf with useful information:
Skiffer på tak - Hantverksintervjuer och aspekter på varsamhet | Hantverkslaboratoriet, Göteborgs universitet
Before and after cleaning of a slate roof:

Thanks for the link. I will try with the right one and do sam rain streking effects / Micke

I can only provide some inspiration,
you provide the artist work :wink:

How are your slate tiles made? Did you cut individual tiles? Are they in strips? Etc?..

The slates are superb looking already!
As others have said I would maybe add some light moss on lower edges.

I agree. The fissile (small planar fractures) texture of slate is really well captured here. And the painting makes it stand out!

Thanks I have tried a bit now with light moss and streaking. The roof tiles is made off plaster casting in a mold from Dio Debris in UK / Micke

I agree it already looks great! If you want a really weathered look you can try some high grade artists water color paints. They act just like enamels, so you can streak them, use it as kind of a wash, speckle it on and blend them. The greatest thing is you can react them with water days after applying them, I just tried them on my 52" long USS Cobia and it works great! They also dry to a great ultra flat finish.

Thanks for the tip I will get such colors and try / Micke

Hey Ezra! What brands and variety do you use / thanks Mike

Very nice work Micke! I think that with an extra touch of the great tips you got here the final result will be top notch! /Erik
PS nice to see all the Swedish flags in the comment field:)

Your first attempts are great . Slate comes in different colors and hues and different mosses and grim can be found on old slate roofs .
Can’t beat those Dioramadebris molds the flakey edges and raised relief lines are a great feature making them very real looking .

Your roof looks amasing as it is. I wuld only try to do some shadow in the crevicies where one meet another and in those long horisontal lines betwen one row and another.

Hope you understand me… :grin:

Something like this

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I use the Koi water colors pocket field sketch box. I’ve had it for years and have barely used half of it, a very good deal for the money.


Thanks for the photo now I understand what to look for / Micke

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Hope they help you!

The colour, texture and amount of vegetation is dependent on the quality of the air. If the house is in a city or industrialised town, you’ll be looking at greys and greens for algae. In the rural areas, mosses, lichens etc. where the air quality is better.