Help with my workbench design

I teach school and currently the building is closed and we teach from home, online, The only spot that works for me at the moment is my modeling bench. The wife does the same thing and she has the better in the house location. As soon as the COVID is over with I want to start building again. :smiley:

To the point, after seeing all of the fantastic workbenches out there I plan on improving mine. I am posting some photos of my current spot and am asking for your suggestions to make it a better place. All suggestions would be appreciated. My bench is 6 feet wide and electrically elevates.


Bench with adjustable elevation to desired height…woot that rocks!

  • I never have enough light these days! So I add a couple of LED lights to supplement the florescent lighting.

  • I like having the most commonly used tools in a small tool rack directly in front or to the side of me just with in arms reach. I have one like this:

Hobby Tool Holder

Lots of empty space on the wall over the desk. Consider a tool rack

A standing desk is awesome, I have one at work and I miss that the most working from home.

For tool storage, I use mason jars.

One thing I have added and used a bunch, a led lamp with magnifier.

Why stop building now?

Is that a drafting table under the T-square? Set that up as your field desk for your forward operations base til you can launch operation take back later.

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These are my two cents:

  1. Lights
    My workbench has two large daylight lamps (4500-5000K) with high color rendering index (CRI>95). I have a similar overhead light and I can finally see colors well when working during the evening.

  2. Bench organizer
    Couple of years ago I got Modular Workshop System from Hobby Zone. I made my own setup using different modules. They also have paint hangers which should work beautifully on your wall.

Hope it helps,

If possible I would replace the board with one 10cm wider (I mean from wall to the front, not sure if that was the word!) and populate it with HobbyZone modules as suggested above.

Wade. My tools are in a tool box that rolls out on a short filing cabinet.

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I have been looking at improving my lighting situation. Is there a model that you have been happy with?

There was a modular system I looked at a few months ago. There were two type paint hangers, one for the 17 ml bottles and one for Tamiya bottles.

Wasn’t sure if this was directed at me or Maki but I posted a link to what I bought.

There is a thread on work lights here, check it out:


I picked up two Ott lites today. They are both desk lamps but they can also be clamped to a work surface. I show one on the base and one clamped to the spray booth. The next is for a wall mounted paint rack that I can read the label while the paint jar is in the rack.

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