HEMTT M1120 CHU finished

Hi All
This is my latest build, which is the Trumpeter kit with resin wheels from Def Models and some extras from the spare box.
Hope you like it, and do feel free to comment.


Nice touch with the blue container, the orange trolley and the graffiti :smiley:

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It came great. Very realistic finish, great weathering!

Very nice. It looks great.

Fantastic model !!! the container looks real. The sand vehicle and the blue cargo look great. I like it very much!

Very nice work, Jacob, most impressive :grinning: :+1:

Where did you find the trolley?

Regards Thomas

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Thanks Thomas :blush:
I think the trolley is from some CMK set🤔

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Nicely done!

Correction! Plus Models :wink:


All this needs is a bit of photoshop trickery and it would look like an actual photo of the real thing! Really great work on it- particularly the very nicely observed weathering which brings both the container and the vehicle to life.

A person could spend lots of time examining all the little details thru ought your build. Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for all the nice comments :grin:

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Beautiful work! Superb weathering and a real eye catching topic to model.

Outstanding! Love the graffiti!

The graffiti really brings this to life. :+1: :+1:

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This is eye candy for sure.
Where did you get the ratchet strap?

great work there mate, I love the used look of container.

there is nothing wrong with the work on the container but it could do with a dent or two, to add even more authenticity. I also don’t see the release handle on the ratchet strap, which makes me think it might be the wrong way round.

these are just some points I thought I would add, as I am involved in that line of work.

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Chris: I’m not really sure, because it was given to me by a friend, sorry.

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Klaus: thank you for the advice. I’ts always great to hear from peoples, who has some real experience on the matter.

Nice animal
the conainer paint is mitic…
I will look your other models