Hey gang... Long time :)

Oh feels great to be back again… And it is all my son’s fault, who out of the blue asked me to buy him a Star Wars republic gunhsip to build :surprised:… That’s all it took to remind me of my youth years and my favorite but expensive back then hobby…
So, I agreed to buy him the model and if he likes it, we would invest in airbrushes, spray booths and the whole shebang. Next thing I know, I have already bought all the tools, for my “little boy” (that would be me :tears-of-joy:). Hopefully, I now have the budget to support my youth age and my son’s hobby…

So here I am guys and I am so excited to be part of the community… See you all out there fellow modelers.



Hi G,
Welcome aboard,
I had to approve your first post, the “system” thought that you typed too fast.
Did you use some translating software and prepare the text in some other tool
and then copied it into the posting?

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Hi Uncle H,

I actually copy pasted the text, I guess this is why the robot thought I was a robot too :slight_smile:

Apologies for that, I was not aware.


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Thats a good plan … blame the son for all the money you are going to spend :+1: :+1: :grin:

welcome back to the hobby …


Hopefully the hobby will fully take root as we need young blood in the hobby.

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Welcome back George! Start sniffin some glue and cuttin some sprue!


Welcome back to the fun George. :+1:


Welcome back, I think your son needs a proper stash, loads of paint, an airbrush and compressor… :grin: :+1::wink:


Welcome back to the hobby George @gkout, tell us more, what are your modeling interests, armor, cars, planes, sci-fi, figures? Have you decided what your first build will be after Jr. finishes the SW gunship? I hope you’ll encourage him to follow us here on the KM sites to really get him enthused for the hobby.

Cajun :crocodile:


Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! Much appreciated :smiley:

Johnnych01 this is exactly what I am doing :joy:
I am on a mission Cmot :smiley:
SSGToms I feel dizzy already
yes, yes, yes, yes and yes flatfour, I bought all these for my “son” :joy:

@agincajun I have already started with the most beautiful jet out there imho, an F14A. Since it is my first model I went cheap with the Revell Top-Gun 1:48 model. I ended up turning it into an experimental model testing different techniques, and putting aside tons of mistakes, it looks good so far :smiley:
My stash so far consists mainly of flying “things” :smiley: F14A (in progress), F15C eagle, Spitfire MK. IXc (oh boy I am excited about this one), Mustang P-51D, Mandalorian Razor Crest (it was a gift from my son).

I also like miniature figures, mainly LoTR kind of stuff, and vampire ones. I am already half way through my son’s Storm Troppers, but miniatures look so intimidating getting them right (I guess because of the tiny size). At some point I will definitely try out some armor too (a Panzer I guess) :smiley:

Well that will be all for an introduction guys. Thank you again for your warm welcome, and I guess I will see you out there in the forums :smiley:


Do you know what womens breasts and model trains have in common?

Intended for small children but it is mostly grown men that play with them …


Aaand here is the stash :slight_smile:

F-14 is finished :partying_face: … not sure where I should post some pics. Here or under the aircraft section?


If you can carry it tucked under an arm, I don’t know if it qualifies as a stash.

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Welcome home, sailor!

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