HMS Grenade early 1940

When I am short on time, what do I do, go and start something else. With the Hipper under way surely Glowworm should be the compulsory G class to build, don’t hold your breath but there will be a Glowworn in the not too distant future. This is another camouflage fetish build, the possiblity to use a rare example of RN air recognition markings,

The three colours are AP507C, AP507A and a non standard Brownish colour called stone.

The flotilla leader HMS Grenville had the below, and these images are from Alan Raven’s RN camouflage volume1. Mr raveb states Other members of the class may have been similalry painted, I don’t know if Grenade did, but equally I don’t know that she didn’t so i am going with it.

The kit is of course.

Black TTs will give me the quads for Grenade.

Also using the 4.7s

A small start has been made.

A little bit of warpage on the lower hull, so a little clamping was required.

The propeller shafts fitted.


Hope to get some paint on pver the weekend.

More in a week ot two.

Cheers, Si


And I will be following another of your great projects!

Thanks Joe,

welcome aboard,

Cheers, Si

Hi Si - love to watch you work so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.
I’m not so sure I would want to ship out on a vessel named “ Grenade “ - tempting fate , etc …

Thanks Richard,

Welcome aboard, glad to have along for the ride.

Cheers, Si

Watching with interest, Si :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Si,

looks great up to now and very interesting camo.



Glad to have you aboard Russ,

Glad to have you aboard Tom.

The camo will be intersting to apply, mostly straight lines so lots of masking!

With a bit of luckmight get that started this weekend.

Cheers, Si

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Better that than Cockchafer or Pansy. :slightly_smiling_face: How about Black Joke or Happy Entrance?


Camouflage fetish build - that’s cool, Si!

I’m in and looking forward to that camo!


That comment made me smile, Danie

There were some odd names in quite a few navies, but whoever thought of the “Flower” class cannot imagine how fights some of the names started. imagine walking into a pub on Plymouth’s Union street, someone says “What sghip?”, the other guy says “Pansy”.

Someone would likely be leaving via the window.

Cheers, Si

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Whilst Stone was never part of the standardised camouflage colour palette for the Royal Navy, such a colour was in the Rate Book of Naval Stores and may have been used on RN shore-based vehicles normally.

Admiralty Pattern 513 STONE COLOUR:-
Consisting of:-
White lead oil paste … 68 lbs (Admiralty Pattern 409)
Dryers, paste … 9 lbs (Admiralty Pattern 689)
Ochre … 9 lbs (Admiralty Pattern 52P)
Oxide of iron oil paste … 1/2lb (Admiralty Pattern 110A)
White spirit … 8 pints
Oil, linseed, raw … 16 pints

I am unaware of the existence of any surviving samples, but being a linseed oil paint it would almost certainly be useless after such a long time for colour guidance if one did exist. I suspect the above shade was similar in appearance to BS381C-361 Light Stone, but unlike most other RN WWII era paints I’ve never attempted to reproduce Admiralty Pattern 513 Stone.

I’m unaware what colour HMS Grenade’s lower hull would have been. You’re probably aware by now that the long standing presumption of red anti-fouling paint has been demonstrated to be simply incorrect and is the result of 1950s-onwards experience leading to the rejection of any documented evidence to the contrary on the thinking that “ships have always been red underneath”. HMS Grenville was almost certainly black below the waterline going by the photographs of her sinking but really it depended which brand of anti-fouling paint and protective composition had been selected by the Admiralty for use on individual ships. If you haven’t seen my associate Richard Dennis’ paper on the colours of ship’s bottoms here’s a link:

In addition, Rob Matthews’ build of sister ship HMS Griffin using the same ex-WEM / Atlantic Models Glowworm kit might be of interest:
[url]HMS Griffin - G-class Destroyer, Atlantic Models 1/350 - Work in Progress - Maritime -

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Hi Jamie,

Thank you for looking in and taking an interest. I have only got as far as priming the hull, so your post was timely.

I will take a look at the links and see what I find out, and come to a decision over how I am going to progress the paint job, I might hace something close to light stone in my paint draw. Being an ex seafarer so understand how paints can fade under extremes of weather, especially the red on funnels of the tankers I sailed on.

Thansk again for looking in.

Cheers, SI



Apologies for the gap in replies, but work and a disaperance down a twin engined rabbit hole have slowed mw down a bit.

The Airfix 1/72nd MkII Vickers Wellington., apart from a few eduard etched parts all of that is the kit, it has taken a lot of my bench time.

Back to progress on the Grenade.

The basic job sprayed XF80.

The stone masked off, I used a mix of Tamiya Flat Earth, Deck tan and Sky grey…

The Camo on the hull done, along with the steel areas on the deck and the forward air recognition marking. In of Jamie’s input above I have gone for black anti fouling. All the non slip have been painted Semtex, Can’t recall the mix, but looks about right to me.

Another update before too long I ahope.

Cheers. Si


That’s a nice rabbit-hole.

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Thanks Danie,

It is a very nice kit. Airfix have get rather clever with their engineering since they became a part of Hornby.

Pity they don’t produce some ships to this standard.

Cheers, Si

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Hehe, nothing like a good wing thing to distract you Si :smile:

Hopefully all that wonderful detail will be visible once you button up the fuselage :hugs:

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Hi Russ,

I am close to ready to closing the fusalage, there is a lot of glazing on the early Wimpys so quite a bit will still be visible, the glazing parts are crystal clear and thin, the side windows of the cockpit will be open that will help too.

It is a great kit, Airfix’s engineering is very clever these days, I wish they would apply it to some ships.

Cheers, Si

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Besides the wingy things - the camo looks really cool, Si! It just has something special to it, like all your builds!


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I have wanted to do this scheme, include the air recognition marking since I first saw it. I am not dissapointed seeing it in three dimensions and full colour, I am glad I went for the black anti fouling.

Thanks for looking in Jan,

Cheers, Si

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