HMS Tartar 1944-45

Hm… Looking at the stern of the Trumpy kit’s hull, I think the Atlantic kit has captured the shape better there as well, when compared to the lines plan.

The Trumpy kit looks more bath tub like at the stern…

Of course I already have a bunch of aftermarket gear to go with the Trumpy kit too :smile::smile::smile:

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Hi Russ,

I will admit I hadn’t noticed that, but I having looked at it.

I agree, above is the Trumpy Eskimo Sans Bow, below the Atlantic Models Tartar, I can’t show a direct comparison of the bow… I did fix the bow on the Trumpy kit I built as HMS Cossack a few years back, It was a pain, and good luck to you with that.

Cheers, Si

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Ah well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say :smile:

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Hi, please ignore the “warm light grey” etc colour descriptions - those didn’t exist. They are based on badly age-damaged samples of linseed oil paints.

Please see here: Royal Navy Colours of World War Two - B & G Series Camouflage Colours 1943-1945


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for looking and your advice. I was a little confused by the description “warm light grey”. The instructions also state G45 for that colour.

I will take a look at your link, as I am getting close to wanting to get the main superstructure untils painted and fixed down.

Best regards


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Very nice!

Getting more popcorn.

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The colours are straight forward - G45 is correct, but it was bluish, not warm. The hull panel was B20.

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Hi Steve,

Welcome aboard, update coming very shortly.

Cheers, :beer: SI

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HI Jamie,

Thank you for the advice, very much appreciated. I found the link you posted very helpful.

I will post an unpadte on the build later this evening or tomorrow.

Cheers, :beer: Si

Latest progress.

Some of the small stuff, The quad 2pdr pompom as per the photographs I have found clearly show a late war quad with splinter shielding, the railings were cut off, and splinter sheilds made form 10thou plastic strip.

The searchloght platform / after control position was from the etched fret with the searchlight and binacle with wheel from the Black Cat upgrade. A couple of support struts added from brass rod and some copper wire voice pipes.

The upper bridge, with black cat parts, stll needs the radar adding to the rangefinder tower, some voice pipes and a few other details. the bulwarks did look a little low compared with the hieght of a 1/350 figure, and the binacles. Some plastic strip was used to raise the slightly.

All the major components and the armament test fitted in place. A and Y guns have their shields in place to check fit. B & X gun I left open fro painting. Next job will be to mask up and spray the anit fouling, then some of the components such as the funnels, midships AA platform etc.

Current state of work.

More soon.

Cheers, Si

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