Hobby Link CAT D7E Rome plow build

Good to find this and read through it. Great build and lovely weathering. …you have done a very authentic look with the final finish… And the decals …it doesn’t need them. The kit speaks for itself… Great work :+1:

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Very nice build Al. Interesting to see the small parts count, very appealing.

I’ll need to study up on these 3D kits before I start on the M246.

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the feedback.

Where were all you marking suggestion guys after I finished griping about my decals? :smiley:

@Frenchy that’s interesting because the exact same cab as the kit has.

Now I know the proper placement of the ROME logos.

I noticed that after posting the picture :wink: The armor panels on the engine compartment look similar as well…


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