Hobby Supplies - Stash, Stockpiled or Hoarding: How Much is Enough?

Hobby Supplies - Stash, Stockpiled or Hoarding: How Much is Enough?

Referring to basic Supplies like, glue, paint, hobby knife blades, paint brushes, filler putty, sanding sticks & paper and so forth.

My fiance asked the question when I was moving in ~ 90+ bottles of Testor’s Liquid Cement :slight_smile: 250 bottles of Floquil paint :trophy:, hundreds of pipettes and ten new tubes of Molak Stucco Putty :slight_smile: To me this is barely “in supply” she says it’s beyond “government stockpiling” and close to Smaug the Dragon :dragon: “Treasure Hoarding”

She might be on to something as I like looking at all those bottles of paint and liquid cement lined up in “formation”.


To me “Being Supplied” is enough “basics on hand” to build my collection. There’s nothing I detest more in the hobby than running out of a favorite critical item.

Just curious how others view "Hobby Supplies"


Too much is when you buy stuff you already have because you can’t find it in your stash.


That’s an excellent functional definition :clap:

Depends on the supplies. I think loading up on stuff like future and testors cement is smart. Future has changed formulas so many times it’s possible they’ll eventually mess it up and it won’t be good for models anymore. Having a good stock of the old stuff is a good idea. Similar with testors cement, as the dull cote is apparently going the way of the dinosaur.

Things like Tamiya paint I’ll only buy as I need.

Things like pipettes, paint cups etc I have thousands of, since you can buy them by the thousands on amazon, and they are easy to store.

I normally only buy one bottle of Tamiya liquid cement but now that I build more, next time I’ll probably order a case of bottles so I don’t run out so often

I would say the glue volume is pushing it. How many kits would 18 bottles of glue assemble? At 10 kits per bottle that is 180 kits??
The paint looks good. If you only built automobiles it would probably be excessive. If you build ships, planes, military vehicles, automobiles and other stuff, you may be in short supply color wise. However I order paint as needed. Left overs go into my paint stash. Just a hint, if you order the paint at the same time as the kit you can save on separate shipping.

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If she knows about Smaug the magnificent, nothing else matters … She’s a keeper lol


I base backup stockage on average usage rates and availability. I just don’t see buying a dozen or more bottles of something just to have on hand. More extra of something than I can use on more than a couple of builds seems excessive. I’d rather put the money into other hobby related stuff (tools, AM, more kits, etc.).

So, yea, I’ll usually keep an extra bottle of my favorite cement (Testor’s Liquid cement) so that I don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of something. Once I crack open the extra, backup bottle, I’ll add a new bottle to my “mental” shopping list for the next time I hit my LHS. I do, however, keep several kinds / brands of cement on hand because some work better at different things than others, but I don’t keep an extra bottle of each one since most only get used for “specialty” jobs.

I’ll usually keep an extra bottle or two of the paint colors that I use a lot, especially basic colors (primary colors or standards like OD, Panzer yellow, etc.) or weathering colors. Rotation of stock on these works about the same as for cement - if I crack open a new bottle because I’ve finished an old one, then I’ll add that color to my shopping list.

One thing that I do keep a large supply of is #11 X-acto blades. I buy those in the 100 ct. packs and don’t hesitate to change blades when needed. (I do keep a set of three different, color-coded #1 handles - one with a new blade, one with an almost new blade and one that the blade is just about done. When the done blade is kaput or I need a really sharp blade, I’ll change the dullest one for a new blade.)

Another high usage consumable is very small drill bits. I usually buy those sizes by the dozen and don’t lose sleep when I break one.

I am a sucker for diorama vegetation materials, though. I’ll buy grass clumps, static grass, ground foam, laser cut plants, etc. any time that I see new ones. A lot of these materials are not kept in regular stock by vendors, so I get them when I see them. I also like to add new colors and variations to my dio-stuff stash.

Now, if I get wind that some favorite hobby consumable is going to be discontinued, I might stock up a bit, but I’m not obsessive or excessive about it. I figure that ultimately I’ll have to find a substitute new product, so I just stock up enough to get me through the transition period (about normal usage of the product for maybe 3-4 projects). I’ll start researching, looking and experimenting then to find a product to do the job.


And for those who have not discovered it yet, Tamiya Airbrush Cleaner (250ml pink cap) and Tamiya Extra Thin cement (40ml green cap) are the same thing: 50% acetone, 50% butyl acetate. Compare the prices and you’ll see why I keep a couple bottles of the Airbrush cleaner for refilling my Extra thin bottle.


Humm… Can you tell a difference? Some things have the same ingredients, but at a different strength.

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Works exactly the same. I have been using it for almost 2 years now. No difference in strength as both are the same mixture as per their MSDS sheets last I checked.

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Read one place there was a 1% difference in the ratio of the two chemicals. 49/51 vs 50/50 but basically identical for our modeling purposes .

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@ SdAufKla, Great minds think alike. However, it’s a good thing I don’t need to do many assemblies any time soon, my Tamiya Extra Thin brush tip is barely reaching the bottom and what’s left of the liquid is looking a little cloudy. I’ve just been waiting for a backorder notification from Scale Hobbyist on another item so I can combine shipping. … No worries, I still have a backup of Tamiya Regular Cement.



I bought too much paint and threw out a lot of unused bottles because the paint separated and went “bad”.

@Gustav Agustin, what brand of paint?

I’m also curious what brand? I have some Tamiya paint that is pushing 10 years old and some it is a bit goopy, some of the thinner must have evaporated but of I add a few drops of lacquer thinner to the pot and stir it’s as good as new

You have more Testors glue than my local hobby store used to have on hand (before they folded)


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Can you have too much money or too much fun ?

@creading Charles, one can’t be too thin, too rich or have too much Testor’s Liquid Cement…wink

Use to have more Testor’s Liquid Cement on hand than Hobby Lobby Online showed in inventory USA :slight_smile: I get about three builds out of a bottle of LC typically.

@Mead93, I too have some Tamiya & Gunzy that are ten years old plus and a few close to twenty that are still good.

I should have called you several months ago when I ran out of glue mid-project (oversight on my part). Because there are no local hobby shops, I ended up buying online and waiting four days for the glue to arrive. Now I have several bottles on hand but not near as many as you :slight_smile:
I wish you were my neighbor.

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