HobbyBoss FAV

Hi guys,

I’m working on the HobbyBoss FAV and i’m confused. What is part B41 in step 2 ? In step 3 you’ll have to glue the engine behind the seats and part B41 seems to go nowhere. What is it ?
Anyone ?


B41 is the shift linkage rod. It should come forward and touch the base of the shifter assembly (B7, B34).

Hi Gino,

Of course, makes sense !
Thanks for your fast reply.
Keep safe !

Tempted to buy this kit. I have a story about the FAV, though. Back in '83 I was stationed in El Paso in the 3/8 Cav. We had M60A1 & M113s. During one of the big exercises the 9th ID came down from Colorado. The 9th is the experimental infantry division, and they just happened to be equipped with the FAVs at that time. The terrain around White Sands is typical New Mexico desert scrub, small five foot dunes topped with bramble bushes. I don’t know whose idea it was to use light infantry to attack a heavy armor unit (and a cav unit at that), but those poor guys didn’t have a chance. They couldn’t even see over the tops of the dunes. All we could see was their antennas moving around. A bunch of little antennas moving through the desert scrub. It was hilarious. They did come zipping through our POV point that night, so I got a nice good look at them.

Yep, just picked up one and getting the Black Ops conversion kit to turn it into a SEAL DPV.

It is a really nice conversion set. You don’t end up using much of the original HB kit. I did a review of it here:

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Hy All!
This is my SEALs DPV! Conversion from Hobby Boss FAV ! Only scratch build!


Yep, saw that mate….you actually inspired me to get it way back then!

Excellent job👌

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