Any thought on ordering from them?Good,bad.just wondering how people have done with this site.

I have not ordered from there, but reviews on BBB are a red flag.

That’s what I’ve read as well.

Stay FAR away from these crooks. I have read stories of them taking money, disappearing, sending no product, then reappearing listing the same product! Multiple times! Like selling the Brooklyn Bridge! DO NOT deal with this seller!

I ordered from them once, product didn’t ship for 8 days so I contacted them. They beat around the bush trying to tell me the next day it would ship. Waited and got no shipping notification. Called again a few days later and said if I wasn’t refunded I’d have to call visa. They gave me my money back but it was a hassle and I was one of the lucky ones. Many people can’t get ahold of them and they take your money and disappear.

There are a number of sites run by the same people (same about us page word-for-word). Stay far away from these guys. I reordered all the same things from scale hobbyist and had them to my home in Canada in like 10 days which is pretty fast

it looks sketchy, too.

Update!My model WAS delivered!!!But…It was delivered about 800miles I’m Goose creek S.C and not to CONNECTICUT like it should have been.Will be contacting my card the USPS and the BBB.I keeped the EMAIL that they just sent me on Wednesday after asking them about my kit.Thats when they said it was delivered on 1/13/21.Its funny because I have been sending them inquiries on their site before that date and never told me it was shipped.