Anybody know what’s going on with Hobbyworld-USA? I placed an order early last week and when I went to check on the status this weekend, the website link was connecting to a completely different type of seller. Tried contacting them through email but no response as of yet.

I am told their site crashed and they are building a new one . If you google them you can get to their
Facebook page which has a phone number.

Thanks! Glad to hear it’s only a technical issue with them. They’ve always been great to do business with.
I hate Facebook but I guess I’ll need to reopen an account since alot of modeling groups are using it these days.
Thanks again for the info.

Order from Hobbyworld arrived in the mail this morning! Yay!
Will be glad when their site is back as I need to order some more items for a new project I’m starting.
Retired this past spring so trying to catch up some missed modeling time. Wifey complains that “stash” is out of control (LOL) so I guess I’d better start building!!!

UPDATE FWIW - The HobbyWorld-USA site appears to be partially back online. YAY! Index works but images aren’t loading. I’m going to try calling in an order later this week.

I just saw that Matt is loading the images to the new site starting a couple of days ago. That’s going to be a huge task working around all of the orders and emails coming in, but he’s on it!

People just have to have patience and relax knowing that he’ll eventually catch up. Considering that, my order can wait awhile. It’ll give me more time to find things to order. LOL