Hot Out of the Molds 2021 Campaign

Here’s the tread for the official Hot Out of the Molds 2021 for any kit released in 2020 or 2021. Jesper has once again volunteered to be Campaign Leader. So let’s see how those brand new kits go together!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed I am ready for this one. Basically any build released in 2020 or 2021 can be build for this campaign.

Looking forward to see what people come up with :slight_smile:

Hello, i’m in for this campaign !

And after a 2 hours of work

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@FlyingSauerkraut - Looking good! :+1:

Looking good. I have wondered how these kits are. They fill a nice niche in the market with all the WWI armd. Vehicles.

Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I just started into HOTM 2021 with this little gem:

Scheme C is the favorit at the moment, I like the yellow nose…
Peter :raising_hand_man:


I’m interested in this but the kit I want for this campaign isn’t due out until November…I might be able to get another version of it in July…hopefully.

Peter, looking good. Nice start!

Klaus, remember also kits from the previous year counts. So any 2020 or 2021 release is good :+1:t2: :slight_smile:

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So I realize my initial post didn’t go through.

For this GB, I am working on the Amusing Hobby Centurion Mk. V released in 2020. Nice kit, very similar to AFV Club. The last AFV Centurion I built was about 5 years ago, however so I can’t comment on the fidelity of detail. I will say, I LOVE these snap-together type tracks on the AH kit. Very easy to build, and easy to disassemble as well. Well done AH.

Here’s the kit

Most of the build was relatively uneventful. Unfortunately, a part of the frontal hull did not mold correctly on my kit. Very odd. I just laid some putty over the gap to cover it up but it slightly messed the alignment of the parts a bit in my build later on, but it isn’t too noticeable.

For the turret, I decided to buy AFV Club’s Mantlet Cover. I wish AH offered this already as it was one of the big letdowns of the earlier AFV Club Centurions. Even in their newer Sho’t and AVRE, AH still has not included it.

However, as with the AFV Club Kit, the bulge on the MG port in the mantlet hinders attachment to the front. This leaves a noticeable gap

I nipped off a lot of the protruding part

And re-attached the mantlet. The fit is better, but there is still a few MM gap to where the base of the mantlet should touch with the canvas. No matter, I just added a bit of putty to blend the two together, and added some nuts (not accurately) on the top part where the AFV Mantlet again forgot to add the detail. I wish I could purchase some of the other AM mantlets for this kit, but they seem to be always out of stock

Here she is, mostly built up:

Will post a bit more photos later.


@SGTJKJ Cheers Jesper, I think the Bandai star wars mandalorian “Razor” ship comes out in July and that’s one option I am thinking about.


So, as promised, some more progress photos.

I read that the Centurion Tanks of the 4th RTR deployed in Berlin had an unusual paint scheme - they were painted with US Olive Drab with the Canvas Mantlet painted black. I managed to find several photos online, including this one:

Furthermore, I decided to leave the side skirts off to showcase the lovely workable tracks on the kit. I hate it when you get a kit with a good pair of indy/link and length tracks/workable ones that never get seen due to something covering them up There’s a few pictures of the centurion in berlin without the sideskirts on so I went with that too.

Basecoat and Decals on. I have also begun weathering her. Will post more progress shots soon


Looking good! :+1:

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First steps with my Messerschmitt build.
Fitting so far is really good and the detailing of the parts the best I’ve seen so far on a 109 kit in this scale.


Lightning progress, James! Looking good so far. :+1:t2:

Peter, nice job on the cockpit.

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I am going for a Star Wars Legion kit straight out of the press. My preorder just arrived.

I will start slow as I have a few other things to finish first.

More to follow :sunglasses:



Thanks @SGTJKJ and @B-17-peter !

I’m done with the Centurion :slight_smile:

Here she is in all her glory… although I attached the telephone box upside down. Whoops.


Some progress on my 109 E-4

P.S. I had to scratch-build the prop shaft, because the carpetmonster beat me here… :wink:


James, beautiful Centurion! I love the subtle fading and weathering of the paint work. Thanks for participating.

Peter, the ever present carpet monster strikes again. :grinning: :grinning:
Good you found a solution. Nice progress :+1:t2: