How do I remove excess glue on a model surface

Interesting technique Wade. I will give it a try in the future.

Also. I will look into Molak Stucco Putty. In the past I have used Testor gray/green/red and know I am using Tamiya gray. They all work well filling gaps but Tamiya putty has much smoother finish for my taste. In aircraft modeling when flying fuselage half’s there are panel lines that will need to be fixed again and I noticed they all tend to chip off a little around its edges when I scribe a panel lines through them.

I read on another forum a modeler had great success using JB weld to fill gaps and re-scribe damaged panel line details. I purchased the JB but have not tried it jet.

Robin, thanks for the info on the solvent base glue. Always good to have basic understanding of things we use in this hobby.


Mike, I haven’t built an airplane using Molak Stucco, not sure how it would hold up to being scribed etc. FWIW I’ve read/heard Mr Surfacer & Mr Leveling Thinner on Qtip work very well in aircraft modeling but isn’t prone to chip or pull out.