How to build wood pallets in 1/35 scale (Plastic version)

Hello Folks, happy new year everyone!
Just want to share with you a tutorial I created about the construction of the wood pallets in 1/35 scale (this is the version using polystyrene strips). If you are trying to build wood pallets in scale using a repeatable process this tutorial might help you. I developed a template and step-by-step process to make the process easy to follow and that producers the same result every time. I hope it can be useful.

Jorge Damico


I have used basswood in the past to make pallets.

Good video, I think for the plastic version, scoring the plastic while still in the strips before cutting would help with realism when viewing the pallet from different angles.

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I agree with you, scoring the plastic first is another viaible option.

My next video will be about the same template but instead of using the plastic strip I will be using balsa wood, that will give options depending on which material people will prefer to use.



I saw that in the other pdf.

Look forward to seeing your next video. :+1:

Forgot to ask and I don’t recall hearing what pallet type is this for? I would guess a European model.

I ended up following the Consumer Brand Association (CBA) (formerly known as the GMA). They suggest standard pallet dimensions to be 48" x 40" which equates to 3.5 x 3 cm in 1/35 scale. See the link below I used for reference in my research. Because there are so many types and styles I had to choose one to make my process more straightforward.

Stay tuned because over the next few weeks I will also release another video, with what I am calling the wood pallet type 2, a littled easier to build with a nice looking result.

Jorge Damico


Thanks Jorge. Good stuff, looking forward to seeing more.

The wonderful world of pallets where you think it is simple but it is very complex. For the ones that like a challenge, Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Pallet.

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Go on then :grin:


I can barely build the wooden one, the wire is outside my skill set.

I’m with you on that one matey lol

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I wonder if it’d be possible to print in 3D the Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Pallet.

@James_Lee and @MikeyBugs would answer that question.


Possibly if each wire’s diameter is slightly oversized - if it’s at 0.6 cm (1/4 inch) in real life diameter, that’s about 0.17mm in 1/35 scale. That is pushing my 3D printer’s limitation.

Plus, taking off the supports would be a lot of pain in the behind. But then, we can tolerate a lot of pain in assembling those indi tracks.

Certainly doable in 1/16th scale.


As much as I like to scratch build (I have a HUGE selection of Evergreen styrene in all sorts of widths, thicknesses and diameters), I actually prefer to use bass wood strips to make pallets.


Ah; the ubiquitous “Table, Folding Legs, Field” (NSN: 7105-00-268-9275). In use since WW2.

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How about plastic pallets?

You could print something like this up easier than the wire.


I like these pallets you’ve made with that cut on the bottom side planks.

The next video that I will release next Monday is all about using the template I created but instead of using polystyrene strips, I am using balsa wood as well.



I agree printing would be difficult. Haven’t fully thought it all out but I think a 3D printed guide to layout and square the wire would be possible in 1/35.

the one that i am truly interest in are the 463L master pallets, aka HCU/6L.


For transporting everything from ammunition to MREs.

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Yup, those plastic pallets can be 3D printed much better. @SableLiger , yup, those 463L master pallets should be fine to print also - in fact, they’d be cheaper, less prone to warping, and more durable if printed in FDM printer rather than MSLA resin printer.
@Tank_1812 , 3D printed guide for wire pallet sounds interesting but that’s giving so much work to the modeler. I’d rather try 3D print the wired version. On a similar note, I think Q-Net armor and motorcycle spokes can print in 3D - now after working on the 3D printing skills for almost a year, I think it can be done. Just don’t have the time to try them at the moment.

As to wood pallet models, these DIY methods are great but there are so many free STL files for wooden pallets that can be 3D printed in masses. It’s just a matter of $ vs. time I suppose.


Now that one looks easy enough to scratch-build provided the dimensions are available.

• Styrene Sheet.
• Styrene Angle.
• Make two slices into the Angle (per notch).
• Score inside Angle corners and break-away the excess.
• Sand the edges round
• Fake the holes… hand-drill divots with a Carbide drill-bit.
• Bent brass rod for the hoops.


On second thought… Get James Lee to 3D Print a few metric-tons of them for you — and some cargo crates and webbing while he’s at it. :package::package::package::package::package: :spider_web:


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