How to make 1/35 Barracuda, for under $15

Hey guys! Anyone whos been following the Great Canadian campaign knows Im working on a what-if MMEV based in Afghanistan 2015.

Welllll for that it needs to be covered in Barracuda mat and nets. (Taking my reference from Leo’s) After some talking with @DennisatAutoloader we decided the best way would be using Tin foil and AK camo netting.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

1.) Cut out the piece of Tin foil to the size and shape you need and Glue it down onto the model.

2.) Smoothen it out over the surface.

3.) Mix 50/50 water and white glue and spread it over the foil.

4.) Cut your camo net to slightly smaller then the foil.

5.) Apply net to foil, make sure to smoothen any wrinkles and if needed apply the glue/ water mix over it again.

Heres the result.

If you guys have any idea how to improve this idea I would love to know!


I think it looks decent so far. Kinda hard to tell when everything is still just grey.

What I would suggest is you need to “fluff” the leaves up on the netting. Right now everything looks very flat.

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I’d second @Canmedic 's recommendation! It’s probably just a matter of taking a stiff brush and running it along the netting. Definitely captures the shape and form of Barracuda! Nicely done Ezra :call_me_hand:

Not bad :smiley:
I have a couple suggestions, use aluminum duct tape it has a bit more thickness to it and there is more accurate netting to be found although I haven’t tried to buy any lately. The stuff I have from AFV looks good, not as good as the s one I reviewed but that is no longer available. :frowning_face:

Cheers Rob.

Have you seen this Ezra?

Well, that is the Mother of all Barracuda net 101s. Unfortunately it only covers the net and not the mats. Canmedic is right: you need to ruffle the surface - best before the glue sets. Otherwise it looks too flat. I too agree with Dragon164 that regular tin foil seems to be too thin (mostly 12 - 16 µm). For scale 1:72 I use 30 µm thick aluminum foil as base mat. So for scale 1:35 duct tape - which I think should be around 50 µm thick - seems to be a better option. Plasticwarfares technique gives excellent results in scale 1:35, in 1:72 it did not work for me. Here ist the method I figured out:

I think with a few tweaks you should be getting where you want to. Thumbs up.

Cheers Michael

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I missed that thread Michael. That is an awesome build you are putting together.