How to rescue this stowage?

I’m a totally noob when painting stowage. What can I do good for this stowage? I hope a thinned layer of base paint and some pin wash will help but don’t know.

Yes, a wash followed by some dry brushing will improve the look. Shadows and highlights.


Thanks I will try it

This is where washes with oil paints can help immensely. They can be thinned to any desired opacity with mineral spirits and flow easily and uniformly over the surfaces. Any excess can be easily removed with a clean brush and thinner. If you don’t want to dump a load of money on these, just start with a tube of Payne’s Grey, great for adding subtle shadows effects. I recommend Windsor & Newton brand.


Would you recommend a varnish before oils for shadowing?


Yes, you want everything to be sealed with either an acrylic or lacquer varnish before washing, just to protect your underlaying paint job from any unforeseen problems.


Use a gloss varnish so the wash fiows easily.
It seams to me that you used a paint a bit thick when you painted it. Use allmost transparent paint and build up the layers gives a good effect when painting cloth.


you could also try pastels/weathering pigments as well.


I will repaint it with your tips :+1:

If you don’t like shading and painting highlights, you might want to try so called contrast paints - Games Workshop makes them. This a very cool product that kinda shades itself.
Good luck with your painting and have a nice day


I might add, you can also use a dark brown wash, such as Van Dyke Brown or a brown/black mix.

Yes, you don’t always have to go full black. That can look too intense for some subjects.

Paint the straps and buckles different colors than the tarp as most stowage don’t have matching greens for the securing elements.

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If it is not too late: Go to a Fantasy/DnD hobby store and ask for Citadel’s “Seraphim Sepia Shader.” This product is a water based, transparent brown wash that will immediately spark up your canvas, weather old wood and make your wood decks look very professional!

My son the figure painter calls it “Experience in a Bottle.”

I also suggest you get their black shader as well, called “Nuln Oil!”

Also as said above paint the canvas straps a slightly different shade as they hardly ever exactly matched the canvas.


What you see here was accomplished entirely with the two Citadel Shaders over a base coat of flat German dark yellow. The only exception is the small bit of green seen on the bedroll.

The canvas is multiple applications of the Sepia Shader. For the wooden boxes I used both the Sepia and the Black Shaders applied in successive coats while still wet and the dark cervices in the wood are made with a final application of the Black Shader once everything else was thoroughly dry,


For more info you might want to check out my thread seen here on KitMaker:


When you get the Seraphim Sepia, also pick up their Agrax Earthshade - it’s a more dark-brown wash that is great for shadows when you don’t want to go all black.


Will do. Going back to that shop tomorrow!