I love kit (the company) to do LVSR Mkr16 tractor in the new year


Damn! If we must have a new tank transporter could we not have one of these?


I know, I know, I’ll get back under my rock; well done I Love Kit for ringing the changes.

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It is not a tank transporter, but a heavy (engineer) equipment prime mover.

This was a tank transporter though, and used the same M747 trailer you show above.

The LVSR was announced a few days ago.

We already have the trailer,
just needs the WardLaFrance tractor …

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My apologies for the wrong terminology Gino! So what would be the timescale say, for the use of the “M1014 with M747 semi-trailer” in USAREUR? In other words, I suppose I’m fishing for what equipments I could depict as a load.

(I know I could Google this but I thought I’d defer to your expertise if you don’t mind).

The M1014 was pretty much exclusively used in USAREUR. It was fielded in mid-late '70s and was replaced by the M911 C-HET by the late '80s to early '90s.

Thanks for that; wrapped as I am around the (self-imposed) axle of the Cold War I’m always looking for different ways to display vehicles and it occurs to me that a tank transporter would kill 2 birds with one stone.

Of course the same applies to the opposition and the stash includes a MAZ 537 (although I keep dithering as to what to put on it!)

Thanks again.

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Because I’m a weirdo, I want a Ford COE M656 tractor.

Picture for discussion purposes only


Me too!
Where do I sign up?
M656 = cargo truck

M757 = tractor (see previous post)

M791 = van

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The front looks familiar; I didn’t quite recognize it from Al’s pic. Were they ever part of the Pershing 1 series? That is, an earlier version than Al’s build?

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Hey Brian!

The M656 is the original “Pershing puller”.

The Pershing 2 was heavier than the 1B so Martin Marietta redesigned the erector launcher, the M790, which was also heavier.

According to my references, the M656 was replaced by the M983 in the US and the MAN M1001 in Europe. I think the Luftwaffe also used the M1001 for their Pershing’s.

The M983 and the M1001 both had 30KW generators and cranes on board, eliminating the need for 5 ton wreckers to assemble the missiles on the erector launchers, as well as and additional towed generator for the Pershing 1 and 1B.

The M790 EL also had two 28V power supplies on board, one for the missile and one for the launcher that could also be used.

Thanks to you both (and apologies to Robin for not undertaking my own research(!))

My knowledge of the Pershing system has come on in leaps and bounds, however, I must say that the original Mk 1, with I think, most elements track-based would also be of interest in 1:35 - or is that just me?

Mind you, I’d bin that option (if one were ever made) for the SS-20; now that would be Cold War nuke heaven!


I’d love to see a 1/35 Pershing 1 missile on the tracked vehicle with the removable 4 wheeled dolly launcher.

Here’s a 1B on an early M790 EL with the M656

Pictures for discussion purposes only

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Well, we do live in interesting modelling times so who knows? There’s stuff available now that I never dreamed that we’d see.

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Nothing to apologise for.
I cherish every opportunity to research and learn something new.
I had already done the research in my earlier post so I just needed to post the link.

If you feel brave enough to take up the challenge, you could use the bottom portion of a Dragon IDF M113 kit and work your way up with styrene. Use DEF Model M113 tracks and

One of these; since AFAIK, Dragon is the only make that does not have a “bathtub” style hull on their M-113 kits. Which opens up to massive customization. I like the idea to use a Dragon M113 to create an Aussie M113AS4.

I think I can wait. :grinning:

Here’s some interesting Pershing model
History. The audio is terrible. I think this guy lived next to an interstate cloverleaf and recorded this during rush hour with all the windows in his house open.

One more:

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