"I’m a little busy here!" - Ukraine Diorama

The Trumpeter T-90A kit with a scratch building and Miniart details. The partisan is from Blast models. He is getting ready to throw Molotov Cocktails.


Seems like he has got a very tight schedule …


VERY cool! :grin:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

Very nice build and very quick of the mark …really nice scene :+1:

Looks great. :+1:

Ferkin’ Awesome David!

Put down that damned phone and pay attention to your surroundings… :wink:

Seriously though, that is a great diorama!!! :+1:t3: :+1:t3:


Wow! That is a realistic depiction of our social habits during current events.
Outstanding composition! :star_struck:



Good Dio!!!
Cheers Omar

Looks really good

Looking cool! I like the “Z” theme works.

excellent work, and the petrol bomb details look great.

Love it! Very well done.

Well done!
Tells a story in a second.

Superb work David- its nicely staged and your paintwork is excellent. I particularly like the way the matt colors of the tank contrast with the gloss of the bins. The general grubbiness of the road in winter and things like the leaves and rubbish in the bin are really well observed. I must ask though- where are the bins from and what did you use for the rubbish? Also- where did the building come from or did you build it yourself?

I envy the skill.

The dumpsters are from Miniart as are the air conditioner and satellite dish. The trash bags and other rubbish came from Blast models.

The building was created with carving foam from AK Interactive and the doors and window from Miniart. The roof is made from Evergreen stock plastic.



Excellent build nicely done !!

In Ukrainian we call “Bandera smoothie” instead Molotov cocktail