IBG Panzerkampfwagen TKS (p)

Well here we go guys… judging at AC was a huge eye opener for me and this little tankette is the perfect little test bed for everything new I learned!
My goals for this build are the following:

Making sure 100% of all seam lines, sink holes and ejector pin marks are eliminated

Adding a little extra detail as you can see a TON through the open hatches.

No floating roadwheels or splayed tracks

Smooth paint with a emphasis on color variation and very little weathering

With my criteria clear its time to start the build!

I started the build with some small added details to the interior.
Everything you see in the next few pics thats not IBG grey plastic is all scratch built or from my PE spares.

Yea I know I could have added way more detail, but I think I will look just fine through the hatches!

I will be building this particular vehicle from Finland 1942.

Next up will be interior colors!


Some fantastic work already Ezra. Seeing the kind of fun you’re obviously having with this little kit almost makes me want to build a competition grade model… But only almost :wink: !!!

Can’t wait to see how this little tank turns out. You’ve got my attention!


That little tankette looks like it’s off to a fantastic start! Very nice touches on the interior.


Good plan, and its looking nice so far :+1:


Wow Ezra incredible scratchbuilding and added detailing! This tankette is off to a fantastic start! Really looks outstanding so far.

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He’s adorable Ezra. Enjoy this age because you’re gonna blink and all of a sudden he’ll be all grown up and the size of a Tiger II.

Seriously though, what’s it like having eyes that work and fingers that do exactly what they’re told?


I can almost remember that lol

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And time. It’s nice that he seems to have some.

Erza good start. I like the details.

Something to watch for since your build is for competition is glue smears. The pe on the floor on the passenger side. Yes, it will be inside but what can happen is when you weather the floor the fluids can collect and highlight the issue. Same with other locations on the kit.


Thanks guys!

@Tank_1812 I took your advice and sanded the area down smooth.

Here is the interior essentially done. All thats left is to add something (undecided yet) into the mess tin and scratchboard a box to go on the gunners side floor as well as add chipping to the roof parts.

It was painted with a custom sand mix from Vallejo paints and weathered with various enamels and oils.

Here is a before and after pic.

And in preparation for the Panzer grey finish Im practicing on a 1/100 Stug iii.

And here it is all buttoned up.

Next will be the interior all finished and glued together.


That looks good, keep it up.

Looks very good indeed … Nice work :+1:

Yeah what the heck Ezra? Even I didn’t have that much time in high school!

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Yea I didnt have nearly as much time last year.
This year I took a buncha easy electives: 3D modeling, Game Design and 2D animation so I would have more modeling time. And hey it worked!
Im very happy cuz I get a good 2-3 hours a day to slug away at my builds.

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Too bad none of that existed when I was in school, that would have been great!

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I like your job, I will wait to end the TKS.
Folow in this way.
Regards, Omar

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Heres the last pics of the interior.
I went and added some spent shell casings and belts. I also filled up the gunners mess tin with some Erbswurst.

And my little test subject Stug iii b has its own little dio in the makings.

Next update ina few days!


Amazing work Ezra. The interior looks well lived in.

I have the Polish version with the 20mm cannon in the stash, so your build will be very useful when I get around to it. Didn’t realise the interior was painted cream.

Thanks Stephen!

Its really supposed to be Sand. :sweat_smile:
Your right though in the pics it does look pretty creamy.
From what I remember reading, after 1939 they were painted (including the insides of hatches) a sand color.

Which brings up my next question:

If the TKS was captured by the Germies and they sprayed it Panzer grey would there be some overspray on the insides of the hatches?

I need to know this before I go any further because the assembly says all the hatches need to be painted and installed before the actual upper hull.

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Yes , you’re right. I think it might be my screen. Very useful to see it painted up.

Good question about the hatches. Have no idea, but hopefully an internet search will turn up some photos.

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I would guess they closed the hatches for spraying the exterior and then sprayed the inside of the hatch the exterior color as Panzer I were if I recognize correctly.