ICM 1/32 scale AH-1G Cobra

Good afternoon or morning folks,

Inspired by Mister Gee’s build and ICM’s incredible ability to issue kits in the middle of a war, I went out and bought this one. There are plenty of reviews including Mister Gee’s look in the box. All I’ll say about the kit from my perspective is that ICM gives us crisp moldings and well-fitting parts, but there’s a lot of detail missing, especially in the cockpit. Eduard offers a Big Ed set which helps. There are still many extras that can be scratch built, which is how I get a lot of my modeling satisfaction these days. So, I reached for the PE, spares, plastic card and rod, and some of Eduard’s aftermarket, and got here. It’s not a complete replica but it is as close as my skills and patience can get me. The major parts are just resting in place, and there are items like seat cushions not fitted yet, but you get the idea I hope.

Thanks for looking in, and please feel free to say whatever is on your mind (within site rules and the general bounds of decency, of course :-)).

Happy modeling guys.


Looking good so far. The HUD assembly looks really nice.

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I am liking the look. :+1:

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It leaves a lot to be desired in the cockpit yes but shines compared to the old Revell kit I got one when it first came out been chopping and swapping bits and now Special Hobby brought their enhanced version out which is superb. They could make some extra $$$ by selling the addons as a separate package for all us owners of the base kit. Oh and lovely work by the way… is what I meant to say first.


One more to follow!!!

It looks nice so far!

Hello gents,

Thanks so much for looking in, and for your encouragement. This is another labour of love to be sure.

Keith, yes some decent aftermarket upgrades would be lovely. The Eduard set is OK, but I’m not a big fan of coloured PE, and they’ve missed a lot of the details I found in references. To be honest, I often experience this with Eduard sets. The details they choose to provide are a bit random. There’s surely scope for resin or 3D printed extras. I saw that CMK has an M35 to replace the simplified kit version. Ah, when my dreams come true, there will be Tamiya quality 1/32 scale cold war jets and 'copters in every supermarket. :laughing:

Back to reality, and a bit of test fitting revealed that the cockpit slides into place after joining the fuselage halves. In fact, the engine is the only interior part that must go in first. So, I painted it black - because it barely shows with the maintenance doors closed - glued it in, and set about assembling the fuselage. Ah - the first snag. Now the previously snug fuselage halves don’t fit so well. Did I mess up or are the interior parts not such a good fit? I’m not sure. Whatever the cause, sanding back some of the interior bulkheads and using a lot of clamps and tape is doing the trick. I’m working in sections, starting with the tail which is the best fit. Here it is fully restrained:

By the way, do you have the same odd urge as me? It is an almost irresistible desire to listen to the Doors or Credence Clearwater Revival? I can’t imagine why.

Happy modelling guys, and mind the gaps.



Or Paint it Black… no not the engine, the track by the Rolling Stones.

I found the weapons rather lacklustre. Metallic details do some rocket packs & minigun pods and chin turrets that are just incredible.



Hey Keith,

That’s a great suggestion, so here we go…

Thanks also for the tip-off. I hadn’t heard of Metallic Details, but I had a quick look at their FB page. There are some really nice upgrades for sure. I’m not sure if I’ll invest this time, but it’s great to have another place to look for stuff in future, so thanks again

Happy modeling,



I’m with Paint it black, literally :joy::joy::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Hello gents,

LOL - Paint it Black! It could be a modeling anthem :joy:

There’s been some progress on my kit. The fuselage halves are now completely joined. That was an adventure in gluing, filling, and sanding. The parts come together well but they don’t align perfectly. Maybe the thin, unbraced parts flex, or maybe I got something wrong. Either way, there was a slight lip around the entire edge, with gaps and details thrown in to complicate things. It took several nights of work to get everything as I want it, and even now I suspect primer might reveal some remaining problems. You can see the remnants of filler in the shots below, and proof - if it was needed - that the cockpit slides in nicely.

OK, that’s not the most exciting update ever, but I hope it helps if you’re planning to buy and build this kit, or just provides a bit of a diversion.

Happy modeling, and bye for now.

And, here’s a challenge: how many hit songs from 1972 can you name that haven’t been featured in a Vietnam War film?

Does this one qualify?


Looking great. Keep up the good work.

Hello again fellow modelers,

Now, with my summer holidays enjoyed, I’ve turned my attention back to the Cobra. Next is something I always enjoy - the cockpit. All the construction and scratch building is done, and I’m left with sub-assemblies to paint. Recently I’ve been inspired by the techniques on two Youtube channels. I guess you’ve already found Uncle Nightshift, and maybe Marco Frisoni too? Both are outstanding builders and painters and although neither builds aircraft, their techniques are jaw-dropping. After all, it really comes down to colour on shape whatever we model.

Step one is black and white pre-shading to bring out the contours and provide highlights and shadows. The technique sounds easy, but of course like everything we do requires some finesse. Here’s what I managed to produce - somewhere between my best hope and worst fear. I think the photos give you an idea of the intention. Next will be thin layers of colour. By the way, some of the shots are a bit grainy. I’m sorry about that. Blame an overzealous use of zoom, and a lazy streak that meant I didn’t re-take them. Well, it’s hot here today :slight_smile:

Here’s a little mood music too, which seems to have much to say today as it did in the early 70’s.


Looking good so far. Nice job on the scratch parts.

Good to see you back on it. Lovely work.


Hey guys, thanks very much.

This is a lovely kit to add detail to. With that big cockpit, there’s actually a chance it will be seen too. :laughing:

Here’s a bit more progress.

Hello again,

Is it hot enough for you? The best thing to do seems to be to stay inside and build models, so I did. Well, paint a model to be more accurate. I started getting some basic colour on the cockpit. Increasingly I’m a neat freak when it comes to painting, so I tend to mask and spray when I can. The masking is fiddly and time-consuming, but I like the result. And this is what we get. I think neat sharp lines add to the sense of authenticity. We’ll see I guess. In the end, I just like it that way. Lots more to come.

Stay cool folks. Who needs canned heat these days? It’s everywhere.


Nice work I love the extra attention to detail and your style of painting. I have a book on this method of painting but I have yet to try it. So, I will look forward to see how your end result looks. Btw, what marking are you planning to use? I assume by all the songs videos it will be Vietnam ear bird?

I saw one of these helicopters at Reno Races few years back and it looked cool. Not in Vietnam era colors but very catchy. Here’s one to keep you motivated…


Hi Mike,

Wow, that’s a very cool looking Cobra. I am going for a 'Nam era paint scheme - possibly with a bit of foliage caught in the skids to make it look like it was literally skimming tree tops.

Thanks very much for your comment on my painting style. It evolves with every kit, and it’s the part of modelling I enjoy the most. More on that soon.

I hope you’re enjoying your own builds too.


Steve, yes it sure was a cool looking cobra. I wish the cockpit was open to view and photograph, but I am just glad I got to see it in flesh.

Good idea about adding foliage to skids. I hope you can pull it off. I am getting things together to start my 1st build here. Only wait on few other tidbits, I am gathering courage looking at other builds here :grin:

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Hi Mike,

Yeah, that paint scheme makes it look like a racer.

So, you’re going public with a build? Good for you! I’ve had nothing but help and support from the community here, so dive right in. What are you going to build?

Here’s a quick update on the Cobra…