ICM 1/35 Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe rumor?

Have read that ICM plans a 1/35 CH-54 for next year. Great possibilities for a dio… if you have room enough! (I estimate it will be some 70cm long)


An interesting helo to do in 1/35 scale. A 1/48 CH-53 is giant but you can fold the rotors if you like.

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Hi Carlos,

Now that would be tempting, especially if they outfit it with one of the pods…seem to recall as a kid buying the Revell 1/72nd version with a medical pod, :thinking:.

Though I’m not sure my bank balance could cope, :pensive:.

Cheers for sharing, :beer:,



All I can say is Hell yeah!, bring it on! I’ve been fantasizing about a Tarhe in 1:35 for years, and with that one out of the way the door is open for a Mohawk . . . sweet!

Cajun :crocodile:

That would be interesting. I haven’t head anything about it. ICM did state they plan on a 1/35 AH-1G next year though.

It is also announced on Britmodeller:
At the Moscow “МИР ДЕТСТВА 2021” expo, ICM has announced a 1/35th Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe kit for 2022.

Source: AlexGRD

It could very well just be a rumor.

Or perhaps someone found a very good example of one at Camp Shelby and took a very thorough, detailed walk around he was willing to share.

Nah. More than likely just a rumor.


I would love to do it in the Erickson Cranes wildland Helitack version for my Fire/EMS side.

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Hmmm. There must be someone lurking around who knows more than he is willing to tell… :thinking:

Oh I used to hint at quite a bit on the old site, which seemed to bother certain people. But if I recall correctly, nearly every one of those hints came to fruition in a short amount of time. Even the M992A1 FAASV was done by Riich, albeit in 1/72 rather than 1/35. And wouldn’t you know it - I just received an email from someone named Raymond who said he’s returning to 1/35 scale, and wants a certain very modern walk around of mine.

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Always good to get some insider information! :smiley:

I hope it was the M992A1 FAASV, but that isn’t necessarily “very modern”.

Then I guess that wouldn’t be it, would it?

It’s something I’ve been trying to have done for the past two years with little success until now, having actually visited the facility where they’re built. Even he did not express much interest at the time.

Now WHO could that possibly be???

The hints never bothered me.
Had me curious as h*ll though but never a bother.
It’s almost like being a little kid and seeing those wrapped up X-mas presents with name tags on them hidden in the attic sometime late November …
:wink: :innocent:

Some people don’t like being teased. Too many frustrated nights spent at the strip club perhaps. :grinning:

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Yup, that could be the cause …
Require instant rewards so indy-link tracks are just too much frustration :laughing:

Indy links are easy….try a bike chain. :scream:

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Well, well; a decent tie-in with 1:35 vehicles is to be welcomed that’s for sure. Not immediately on my radar but I’d probably get one. We’re not too badly off at the moment (think Trumpeter and some of the more recent 1:35 offerings - Revell? I can’t quite remember). But we could do with a few more: Westland Scout, Puma, Alouette, Gazelle? Sorry, all a bit Brit focused. They do however, enable one to ring the changes on the display tables alongside - where feasible - 1:35 vehicles and figures.

Bring 'em on I say!

PS: I have the Heller Super Frelon in my stash and still don’t quite know what to do with it!

IDF. I’ve got two. One actually hovers above the base.
I found the rivets need to be knocked down quite a bit - you could grate cheese with those fuselage halves.