ICM 1/35 Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe rumor?

Then I guess that wouldn’t be it, would it?

It’s something I’ve been trying to have done for the past two years with little success until now, having actually visited the facility where they’re built. Even he did not express much interest at the time.

Now WHO could that possibly be???

The hints never bothered me.
Had me curious as h*ll though but never a bother.
It’s almost like being a little kid and seeing those wrapped up X-mas presents with name tags on them hidden in the attic sometime late November …
:wink: :innocent:

Some people don’t like being teased. Too many frustrated nights spent at the strip club perhaps. :grinning:

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Yup, that could be the cause …
Require instant rewards so indy-link tracks are just too much frustration :laughing:

Indy links are easy….try a bike chain. :scream:

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Well, well; a decent tie-in with 1:35 vehicles is to be welcomed that’s for sure. Not immediately on my radar but I’d probably get one. We’re not too badly off at the moment (think Trumpeter and some of the more recent 1:35 offerings - Revell? I can’t quite remember). But we could do with a few more: Westland Scout, Puma, Alouette, Gazelle? Sorry, all a bit Brit focused. They do however, enable one to ring the changes on the display tables alongside - where feasible - 1:35 vehicles and figures.

Bring 'em on I say!

PS: I have the Heller Super Frelon in my stash and still don’t quite know what to do with it!

IDF. I’ve got two. One actually hovers above the base.
I found the rivets need to be knocked down quite a bit - you could grate cheese with those fuselage halves.

Impressive I’m sure! I really do think that the manufacturers should consider factoring in rotary wing assets (probably alienate the 1:32 aircraft builders though), but there’s so much one can do to emphasize the air/land component in even simple vignettes - or so I’ve planned - mainly in my mind!

I was sufficiently impressed by the box art on the Heller Frelon I have to show it just as it is (soldiers emplaning in some God-awful desert landscape (Djibouti?), but sadly, being a second-hand purchase the troop figures had all been plundered. That said, I can always purchase the Heller GMC truck - assuming I can find one - to make good the loss; however, such a sized model will need a careful bit of planning to display let alone build. Groan - I do make my life difficult sometimes.

Build it.

Thanks Robin, for your usual direct and relevant advice!

Now, if you could just apply it to the remaining couple of hundred kits in the stash I’d be grateful.

Alienation is not the fear but the loss of $$$ is. I sorta like the idea of larger helo and sure others do as well but space is an issue that can slow purchasing. I am sure there other issues but Kitty Hawk had been giving us a fair amount of kits and now they are gone. Probably not strictly due to helo sales. I think it is also fair to say the quality has not been the same in past tries either when compared to other fixed wing kits. I think a well manufactured large scale kit can sell well.

No, sure; if one looks around - and this is not exhaustive - but with the Trumpeter series viz Hound, Hind, Chinook (I think - I’m not that well -versed in what’s out there), plus those that Revell cough up, Hueys, and even a few Bell Sioux-type (forgive my Brit orientation) these are all useful for what I call combined displays; some of course, are likely to be too large to assimilate any 1:35 model and hence my slight concern over display bases - but this is all good stuff. It’s just that I’d like to see some of those - Revell primarily - in 1:32 also produced in 1:35 such as the Puma, Alouette, which I mentioned earlier, let alone the Bo 105 PAH version. A Westland Lynx? Perchance to dream!

Hey, what the hell? We’re pretty spoiled as modellers these days anyhow; 'not going to stop me buying a CH-54 mind!

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I’m guessing JTLV then. I seem to remember you hinting you had been to a certain factory in Wisconsin a while ago.

It’s a fact. Somebody at ARC Forums emailed ICM and it was confirmed.

Pretty sure he was being a little tongue in cheek.

My understanding is that there will be 3 versions:
US Army with pod.
Fire fighting version with equipment.
Heavy lift Civillian.

Also a 1/35 AH-1G
And ( off topic but much desired by me) Unimog 404.

Regards Jason

I for one would be tickled if they did the M114 to go with it. But we’ve got a better shot with AFV Club…


I think Takom are doing an M114.

Regards Jason

It appears that way.