ICM SdKfz 251/8 sprue shots

These are the first images I know of of ICM’s 251/8
Looks rather good.

several images


I’m not very familiar with this vehicle but this sprue set seems to be included? :thinking:

Yeah, no idea what those are supposed to be. Hopefully an building instruction will shed some light on those.

I bet it’s just for the headlight glass

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You just won that bet.
Images from the instructions for ICM 35102 Sd.Kfz.251/6 Ausf.A


@Chepster @Uncle-Heavy Yes, indeed.

CAD images of the kit are at ICM website Should be a good companion to their
WWII German Military Medical Personnel

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Since it’s an ICM kit, it may even be cheap enough to pick up to kit bash a later SPW (Ausf C, D). I’m not too sure how many Ausf As survived until post 1942, they didn’t make many and I would suggest very few were converted to the ambulance configuration. The survivors were more likely to be the specialised units such as the signals vehicles which would be too valuable to convert.

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Give it a few months and I bet they’ll bring out a bundle set

Which kit were you thinking of kitbashing it with?

According to Panzer Tracts 15-2 (p16-17) approx 575 Ausf.A/B were built, but I couldn’t see a breakdown of how many of those were each Ausf., nor how many were Sd.Kfz.251/8. Pages 36-37 show 4 images, one of a Sd.Kfz.251 m.gep.M.T.W. Ausf.B back-fitted as a m.Kr.Pz.Wg., and three layout shots of Ausf.C vehicles. A radio set in front of the co-driver was installed starting in 1942.
PT 15-3 pp24-25 deals with later models of 251/8s and indicates that the vehicles were allocated to various types of units, (Pz.Abt., StuG. Abt, Pz.Jgr. Abt.,Stu.Pz-Abt., Pz.Afufkl-Abt,and Pz.Gr.Btn.), at the rate of 1 or 2 in the Staff Company of these formations. So indeed there were many more of the C/D than A/B.
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John W.

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I think since ICM has only released the Ausf A they just went with what they had rather than tool a later version, which AFV and Dragon have covered in multiples of Cs and Ds.


Probably AFV Club. I have their three in one kit, which actually IS three vehicles, in the stash.

I think that 3-in-1 set already contains all the parts you need.

AFV-Club 35063 German Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.D Schützenpanzer part list


The Drilling in the 3-in-1 set

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It’s a bit strange that AFV Club haven’t done a Krankenwagen already, as it would be quite a basic mod to their 251 line. :thinking:

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Nope, it does an Sdkfz251/1 with Wurfrahmen, Sdkfz251/7 Pioneer vehicle and -/21 Drillich, triple AA gun vehicle - so everything but!

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Ah-ha I see my mistake.
I read “kit bash a later SPW (Ausf C, D)” as kit bash to make an SPW,
now I understand that you meant ‘kit bash with a later SPW’ to make an
ambulance based on a C or D variant.

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Here’s a Sd.Kfz.251/8 Ausf A (retrofitted) in Italy 1943

No cigar.
That would be an Ausf C

The Ausf. A had a frontal armour split in two plates:
The joint is at the lower edge of the registration plate.
Looks like a coffin from the front …

The Ausf C had one single plate

side view showing the bulge on the side of the “hood”

This photo shows a D, single smooth plate on the side of the hood, no bulge:

Simplified shapes for easier/faster production.

There were lots of other changes but this is one of the more visible and easy to see.



Sd.Kfz,251/8 Ausf. D Ambulance; notice the spare tracks on the sides.

Another Ausf. D with Red Cross banners.


Interesting Ausf C variant with a side-mounted water drum.

ESCI/ERTL made a 1/72 scale version f this “Krankenpanzerwagen”, which would be a very nice build if done in 1/35.