IDF 75 Campaign

April 26, 2023 (5 Iyar, 5783) is the 75th Anniversary of Israel’s independence and I think it’s time for an IDF campaign. This will be for any and all IDF subjects, from 1948 to the present, across the various sites: figures, ships, vehicles, armor, or aircraft. If you can find a railroad subject that fits, go for it! I’m suggesting a start date of September 26th, 2022, which is the Jewish New Year, and it will run for a year to cover the anniversary. Post here to let us know if you’re interested, but I am asking everyone to please avoid politics.

Michael :israel:

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Post up the ‘Going’ button and I’ll push it.

I freely admit to not knowing how to do that.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really don’t need to be joining another campaign this year…

But I do have several IDF vehicles in the stash begging to be built so I guess I will have to say yes :stuck_out_tongue:

@Klaus-Adler may be able to help with all the new niceties…

@michaelsatin @petbat

this is the link Staff jim set up in this thread

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Nice Try David, but you don’t get off that easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could be in on this, I have many IDF vehicles in the stash.

Very interested.

I have so many IDF models that there is hope for a few to be completed … Apply!

i thought michael was a moderator/campaigns organiser so he should have access to that area.

he should message staff Jim or Robin to get access

As an IDF modeller, i’m in :smile:

It is 40 years from Operation Peace for Galilee also.

I could join with a Merkava or a Magach 6B or a Magach 6R or a Magach 5…

Make them all - you will have extra stars on the medal for each of them :wink:

I might join.
Probably an aircraft. I’ve acquired a few over the years and I really should build one of them!

I do have access to that and have watched it more than once. Don’t recall seeing anything about a “going” button, but I’ll try again.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

I just might have something for this campaign… so I am interested…

Had a quick look today and I’ve got an Ouragan, Mystere, Super Mystere, Vautour, Nesher, Skyhawk and Kfir all in 1/72. A Mirage IIIC in 1/48 and the Tamiya 1/35 Tiran.

Got a couple of F-4E’s too and I’m pretty sure I have IDF decals.

Plenty to choose from, so count me in.

I am on for this one! :slight_smile:

Count me in. I’ve got several possible projects I can start for this campaign.