I want to do something with a Dragon Wagon from IDF but not sure what Era the tank transport was used until, or were the IDF used it , an what types of payloads were they used for.

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Easy; drop an M51 Sherman on the flatbed; or a Sho’t kal; those were some of the most common tanks in use by the IDF during the 1967 Six Day War; with M48s being used later on.

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While they did use those tanks, I have read where Shep Paine used some artistic license in using a Dragon Wagon for one of his more famous dioramas. From what I read, the IDF never used the Dragon Wagon. Don’t know if that’s true or not, just an FYI.


That is what I was thinking, but I thought the IDF used whatever they could get, I know that the UNITED STATES sent a lot of military aid to them. I seen that diorama on a book that your talking about, I don’t want to copy his, I want to do something IDF in that Era right after WW2 until they started building their own tanks an military modern vehicle’s they use now.

The Dragon Wagon was never used by the IDF.

Now, if you want to proceed with your build Sherman, Centurion, M48, AMX-13, M7, half tracks are all possible choices.


What about some of the stuff they captured during the war , like some early T-54 's types. Or something like that. I do like the Sho’t kal idea. Passing by a M113 fitter fixing something.

I like that idea. Many moons ago I wanted to put a 1/25 Sho’t Kal on a Fruehauf Trailer and a period correct cab. Even bought all the kits. Trouble was, I was not thrilled with the quality of the Mouse House 1/25 items I purchased, so I was hesitant to order their diesel engine deck. The 1/25 Centurion and two of its brothers became Plain Jane (sort of - nothing is Plain Jane with the IDF - I upgraded them to 105 guns) Guzzle-ine Cents from '67.

I’d love to see it 1/35 and 1/32. I think Verlinden did a Tractor/Trailer combo using the Monogram 1/32 Snap-Tite Mack Truck.

The IDF did use M19 Diamond T Transporters. There was a question on the old forum- you can see the pictures in the thread here.

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Seems to be somewhat a rare photo, but one that provides great choices to model.


Take in account that Dragon Wagon was not a transportation mean but a recovery véhicule. Even during WW2 transportation was mainly done with Diamond T.

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That’s impressive. the T-34 on the trailer looks like a Syrian T-34/D-30 122 SPG.


It is exactly the D30 on the trailer.

The pictured trailer looks like a Soviet-built ChMZAP-5208 (M9 copy).

The drawbar is different.


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It probably is the Soviet trailer.
The M9 trailer was more or less copied by the USSR.
I would not be surprised if Syria had a bunch of them.
That D30 was probably loaded on that trailer by Syrian troops
and then they had to abandon it for some reason.

The Diamond T was also copied by the USSR

That’s a great diorama idea right there! Who makes the trailer anyone know?

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But Custom Factory doesn’t seem to exist anymore …
The had some cool stuff:

Maybe he could be reached via facebook,
no recent updates so it could be a dead end …

links to the defunct website, doesn’t look promising …

Converting a M9 into its Soviet clone should be doable…


So you’re planning a dio set in the 1945-1955ish period, eh? Please take this advice with a grain of salt, as it has been a while since I read this period of history. That said: The early hardware acquisitions came from stolen (sometimes purchased) or salvaged WWII tanks (Shermans & Hotchkiss), jeeps, halftrack, etc. There is a great story of how they attempted to steal two Cromwells from the British (but I think only one successfully made it into Israeli hands). American (and British and French) gear, like the Shermans, (and British Spitfires) were scavenged from dumps around Israel and Europe. By the early 50’s Israel was buying weapons mainly from France - again, if I remember correctly. Pretty sure the Dragon Wagon was not part of the IDF inventory, but I too have been hoping to find evidence that it was…cause it is such a cool looking, bad ass track.

But… as was stated, if Shep Paine (i remember well the dio of which @18bravo speaks) could take artistic liberties… why not us too?

Many crates arrived in Israeli ports marked FARM EQUIPMENT, but their contents were of a military, not agricultural nature. :grin: Always thought that could make for an interesting diorama. Hope this helps.

P.S. If you go with an “early” Sherman, purchased from France, they were not olive drab. They were, again, if I remember correctly, more of a sun bleached Field Drab colour.

Testors Field Drab indeed looks right to me. I lightened it afterward with very restrained dry-brushing.


I did a little extra digging on this image and i can deduce that the vehicle behind the Sho’t Kal is an Israeli M50 155mm SPG.