IDF M50 SPG Builds

Wow they look great

So you’re building 6 of them? :grinning:

I’m building two versions, but I subscribe to the “two is one, one is none” philosophy. Plus I know someone else (Tom Gannon) who’s doing one and thought I might do him a favor if he needs one. Hence six.

Having an SLA printer is a must. They’re on sale at Amazon right now.


I cut off the barrel and added the brake. The term “Couldn’t be happier” comes to mind.


T’is a mighty fine looking boom stick you’ve crafted for your self.

just a small note about chipping of the paint on the M110 / M107 platform. If you look at the side of trunion near the AG’s position you will see several hydraulic lines on it. They are made of stainless steel with stainless steel fittings. Paint flakes off them faster than you can repaint them! Never paid a lot of attention to the gunner’s side, but expect to see the samething. Back at the dozer blade the is at least one chain (like bike chain but bigger), and sometimes two of them. Don’t remember what they are for, but once again they are stainless steel. Paint just won’t stay put. The cradle (barrel rest or even travel lock) under the barrel, always stays perpendicular to the ground as it’s loose. The crane will be pretty scuffed up from the rounds as will the area just outside the breech from the rammer pushing the round into the chamber.

All in all, looks like you did well Sir

That makes it look the part. Waiting for all the scratch building to the finish.


I don’t know if you allready seen this, but there is a great video on youtube, an Israeli video of a parade in may 1968, and from around 1:16:50 you see these:

may 1968 parade on youtube

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Great job !! :ok_hand: I will be watching … :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: