IDF MACK DM895SX Heavy Equipment Transporter Truck & Netzer Sireni Trailer - by A.E.F. Designs

current project IDF MACK DM895SX

1/34 scale

base kit A.E.F. Designs

the idea is to create a model that represents the trucks as used during the 1982 operations in lebanon

the intention is to use as many parts and components from the kit and upgeade others to bring the entire theme to an accurate and acceptable model

the solution was to correct and salvage as many parts as possible

and to scratch build all the other parts and components that can not be used nor salvaged

the chassis was badly wrapped and twisted and bent, a quick fix was dipping it in boiling water for a few seconds and aligning it to a satisfactory result, and to stretch it by 2.2 or 2.4 cm (still assessing the correct length)

next is scratch making the goose neck which is badly represented in the kit

more updates will follow shorty

enjoy and happy modelling



Great project, I’ll be following. I really like big rigs (I built a Dragon Wagon and a M19 in Syrian service) and I was attracted by heavy hauling by IDF though I was unaware of this massive resin jaggernaut until now. Thanks for sharing, surely it’s going to be inspiring.
Is your model the same of this pic:
Found on the web some time ago: credit goes to the man reported on the photo.


yes sir it is the same

i am glad you like it, i will try my best to make it as accurate as possible

cheers top man


Nice project and a must have for any serious IDF fan. Please, don’t be shy with wip photos. :wink:

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I have felt your pain. Fortunately (and surprisingly) many of the parts look usable. At least I don’t see any voids, especially in the corners of the larger parts.
Veel succes.


i absofreakenlootely will

i am gald you like the project and i shall try my best to make a descent model

cheers top man :slight_smile:


Danke mein Herr,

the parts in this set are well done, surely like all resin kits, they require cleaning and some sanding

some addedd details will be scratch done to enhance the accuracy of the representaiton, all in all it looks like a promissing project

cheers top man

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Progress update

The bonnet/hood cover is 1.2 mm shorter than it should be

Correction begins by separating the bonnet hood cover from the cabin

Next is scratch making a new bonnet and fenders that will match the proper dimension

Enjoy and happy modelling


good start Guilbert!
check front wheel layout

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yes i am going to remake the front of the truck and re-align the wheels

if you notice details that require attention, please provide me with your comments

cheers top man

I wonder if resin shrinkage played part in the shortage of the hood? :thinking: I have read some resin shrink more then other. Not all resins are created the same.

I don’t think so

The initial design of the master was wrongly measured which resulted in a shorter bonnet

Correction is on the way

A little time consuming but what the heack

It is what modelling is all about

Stay tuned for more

Cheers top man

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Front bonnet parts re-do

Enjoy and happy modelling

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Cabin detail corrections

Enjoy and happy modelling




Outstanding job, it’s going to be part of my “would’ve like done it myself”! Just to fantasise in anticipation: where is it going to be set and what about the load?
Sorry but I can’t but looking fast foreward.

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Nice build and scratch building.


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hallo friend,
glad you like it, and i hope one day a kit will come out and you can build your own

as for the final theme, i am not fully decided yet, a Centurion based tank, or 130mm M46 canon
the model will represent a 1982 period during the IDF intervention in the Lebanon

cheers top man