IDF MACK DM895SX Heavy Equipment Transporter Truck & Netzer Sireni Trailer - by A.E.F. Designs

Thank you sir

I am trying

Cheers top man

This is looking very good indeed! and the joy of adding all of those bolt and rivet heads - what a dream come true! :smile: The look good - all in line, and evenly spaced! Nice


Thank you sir

I am trying my best

Cheers top man

The long overhang allows for different front axle
locations - further forward better ride , further back smaller turning radius.

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Master scratching, as we are getting used to…
But Guilbert, what do you mean by cheating?! Where or what am I supposed to be cheated about this rig??

The main kit is based on a diecast model in 1/34 scale

The tires correspond to 1/35 scale

The chassis is a 1/32 scale from the monogram kit

My attempts was to find a medium scale between 1/34 and 1/35 to work with

The DM895SX had a longer chassis than most 800 series

The cheating process is to compensate in between scales

Hopefully when it is assembled the charts will not be visible

Ok, perfectly clear, I won’t be peaky though!
See you next step :+1:


Detailing the winch plant

More detailing and cheating

Enjoy and happy modelling


I was always curious as to why IDF tank transporters are in civilan colors

Oh ok thanks for the explanation.