IDF PUMA AEV equipment

I’m close to starting the Hobby Boss model which includes the rollers at the front and the Carpet launcher at the rear.
Is it possible to have the Puma with the Carpet only ? I’m not really interested by the full system.

My other question is about the rockets included in the kit. Only 8 of them are provided. What is the standard load? Do the vehicle travel with the rockets loaded or are the rockets only loaded near the obstacles to clear?

TIA for your answers.

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The vehicle travels both ways, loaded or unloaded.

The only reason behind both roller and carpet is that if you are going to clear mines you will probably need both.


Hy, Olivier.
First, the carpet system does not need a mine roller. There are many pictures showing it without.

The Rockets provided in all kits are only for training, not the real ones, As I understand green ones are only dummys for handling and blue ones are for exercise, they shot a little red dart, so you can see if the range is okay. The real ones look a little different and are silver/ white. I only found two pics…

One in a book, one from french service

Well you drive up to the frontline to clear a mine field, first vehicle to the front, so I would expect a full bag of 20 Rockets as normal in the beginning.

Rabit, not yet finished with a Carpet CEV


Salut Olivier (et bonne année ! )

Some view of the launcher wiring (if you need some…)

The wiring is included in the Legend set



There’s also this device on Cults3D


Thank you all for the valuable inputs.
Merci Frenchy for the wiring pictures et bonne année à toi aussi.
I should be able to add the wiring as it’s a simple addition.
I love the picture with the different roadwheels. HB provides you with 2 types of roadwheels with large rubber tires.


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The wheel in this image with no tire is a Merkava steel wheel.
You can also see them with Merkava lightweight wheels (the type used on the front station of Merkava 2s)


Also, Legend do an AM set of extra rockets for this system.

Which are wrong too, and to big for HobbyBoss. I have them and they do not fit.



Good info. I have this exact same kit and thought about the extra rockets.

Great photo shared by @Frenchy


You mean this set below is too big for their own #1330 carpet launch set posted above?

It’s shown in the photo that it fits…

Thats what I thought, Legend specifically calls out the HobbyBoss kit for this detailing set.

Ok, I have build the HobbyBoss carpet Box and they(LF1335) do not fit … ( that is what I wrote)

The legend set was produced befor the HobbyBoss Carpet Puma 84546, and on the Box there is only mentioned For LF 1330. Building this it should fit, I think but, it still is not the real fuel filled anti mine rocket, it is the training dummy you get

But you can try it…