If only AFV Club would update their M88

And an Aussie one, too. But not an Aussie “one two”…


True. Lots of new goodies added. Perhaps Legend needs to do another update for it,


Get in touch with them they are always willing to work with people who have good ideas.

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And the IDF one…

Cheers Robert, I’ll drop them a line


I’m in touch with Lee quite a bit. The problem these days is that he gets bitten in the azz when he produces something, only to have it come out in kit form soon after. (Up armored HMMWV gun trucks)
While I usualyl prefer resin to plastic kits, most don’t. Tough to compete with that crowd.


Would be a nice kit to have an updated one off. I didnt realise so many countries used it. Shame no one does a CRARRV in plastic.


Actually, not to dump on this, but the additional road wheel of the A3 means a whole new hull, ergo a new kit, rather than an update set of 3D printed parts… So close


There’s always that problem in this biz.
One thing I learned long ago was not to mention anything about it to anyone. Had a guy working with me and even cut him the same deal. And then a certain Israeli company and well known auther working for another company were putting out my ideas in advance to AFV.
I discussed this with AFV lo the and Way ( the owner) in depth so they decided to shot my guy a fake list of what they wanted next and low and behold the other group actually produced some of them within months…
I talked to my “friend” and he said and I quote
" You expect loyalty? You’re a stupid old man… And if you say anything I’ll sue. "

After that he was removed from everything I was doing and even amps Israel… and no one will use him anymore cause he can’t be trusted…


Yes! An Australian version would be nice. I found a kit for a steal a while ago, to put with my RAAC M1 only to find out we have the version with the longer ‘boom’ arms. So it sits collecting dust

I thought the Aussies had standard M88A2s with the added armor and square boom. Do you guys have something different?

If not, Legend makes and M88A2 conversion.


Its not too hard to work with.


Alright, so for an A3 you need the 88, the Legends conversion, bash the Dragon M48 suspension and a crap ton of scratch building, no problem :sunglasses::+1:

The main problem is that the M88 is not vehicle with gun. So it don´t attracts the attention. The secondary problem are the references. If someone can provide a VERY detailed walkaround (Rob do you listen?) then MAYBE, the companies will think about producing about a M88 A2 or A3. The fact the CEO of AFV Club passed away didn´t help. It took us some 5 years or so to convince AFV Club to release the “latest” version of the M1296 Dragoon with stowage basket and spare wheel holder.

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I’ve got a great Walk around of the A2 - Legend used it. I’ll be hitting some bases soon. Maybe I find an A3.

On the M88A3, it looks as though the extra roadwheel, pneumatic suspension, and raised engine deck are the only differences. The rest looks the same.

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The 7 roadwheel suspension will require massive re-do of the hull. Difficult for both styrene and AM companies. That won´t come for a cheap prize.:frowning:
BTW I wonder how much more you “squeeze” in the old M88 hull. I mean the 1/1 scale of course.

Almost, some 3D printed boxes will be needed, and the mast antenna, too.

I’d love to see a stripped down hull and see how they squeezed that extra road wheel in. Did they cut out the lower hull or just grind the old mounting points away and weld new ones in?

Aren´t the mounting points just bolted on, like on the M48/M60 tanks?

Another interesting modification is this M88A1 from Arkansas ARNG. It features some parts from the M88 A2.

I respectfully agree and disagree. There is a disparity about US support vehicles. The kit makers long kitting the big European ARVs and trucks but until recently they have really been slacking on the modern US support vics.