Hello, I am using google translator.

From channel description:
Hello, fellow hobby collectors of scale models. You are on a channel that displays and describes the assembly and conversion technologiesas well as self-production of scale models. It also presents examples of working with tools, tooling and materials Please, enjoy viewing. P.S. Unfortunately, subtitles are temporarily missing”.

Anyway, there’s nothing to watch on TV :slightly_smiling_face:


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I wish I understood the language …
Maybe use Google translate to provide some, maybe abbreviated, subtitles?
Most of the message can be understood from the images but I would not be surprised if some additional explanations would be needed in some cases.

Google translated

Я б хотів, щоб я розумів мову …
Можливо, скористайтеся Google Translate, щоб надати деякі, можливо, скорочені субтитри?
Більшу частину повідомлення можна зрозуміти із зображень, але я не здивуюся, якщо в деяких випадках знадобляться деякі додаткові пояснення.
слава україні

Welcome aboard. Very interesting video. :+1:

Finally I find a Russian-speaking modeller. Maybe I’ll learn some new things!

Fyi, we have a few on here, @fromSalekhard is one who posts frequently that comes to mind.

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Thank you, I’ll look into him, then.

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I live in Ukraine

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I’ll try to solve the problem with subtitles

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I was seconds away from making that mistake until I noticed the
beautiful flag in the corner of the video

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Thus, I used “Russian-speaking”, rather than “Russian”.

I think the possible options in YouTube are to either change the auto-subtitle language to English, add a translated to English auto subtitle, or manually add the subtitles, which may be worth the effort if you want to be accurate in the things you say.

Maybe as a “manually” translated text included in the video description.
The text could even be simplified compared to the spoken words.
Example from the first minutes of this video

“Problem: wire can be too stiff when creating springs
Solution: Anneal it with a gas flame before winding springs”

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That can work, as the actual process is shown in the video, so the captions will essentially work as on-screen text to complement the visuals. Then auto-translated subtitles for if you just want to understand what he is saying is likely a good addition.

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Our flags are similar :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful colours :smiley:


The colors and design are kinda bland, but very safe regarding flag rules. Quite simple, though. It’s a shame we don’t see many crests (or so) on flags anymore, they make flags more interesting.

Hello colleagues. A new video has been released which looks at electric drills. There are now subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. I hope the video is now more understandable to you. Subscribe to the channel. Thank you.

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Maybe my misunderstanding but I did not see any subtitles.

Hello. Checked the video - the translation text is there.