IJN Musashi

Congratulations for commissioning Musashi Rory. You did a fine job with this ship and I watched carefully as I have her sister ship with a lot TLC within the stash waiting for the starting shot :wink:


Thomas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Excellent build Rory. Lots of super effort put into has really paid off as you have created a superb example.

The rigging is very well done and I like the seaplane rear deck area.

The amount of PE you used has created a cracking finish… And as Tim @TimReynaga said, you really don’t need to throw a ton of :heavy_dollar_sign:at it to produce and fantastic and super detailed build, and one that you actually enjoyed and didn’t shred your nerves. … :+1::+1:

Congratulations on a great model. A clean full hull build that makes the model detail stand out. :+1: :+1:

Rory, congratulations on Musashi’s commissioning! :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Your build is both inspiring and motivating! Both in terms of the relative quickness of the build, and in terms of the brilliant result you’ve achieved. :sunglasses:

Bringing rigging into your build has resulted in taking her to the next level. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bring on Arizona as I can’t wait to see how you handle her!

My next couple will be the exact opposite. Tons of aftermarket to go on. Sometimes I get a bit carried away in the “Hunter Gathering” stage of acquiring a model kit :crazy_face:

It really makes a huge difference in how they look. I am definitely going to have to go back and rig some of my previous kits. I think I am going to get a slightly thicker line next time. 0.03mm is a bit thin. 0.05mm should be perfect.

I actually think I am going to do HMS Vendetta first. I do want to crack on with Arizona but Vendetta has been sitting since May 2021. She’s been patient but her time is now.

I hope the dockyards open up soon. I am very interested to see that build!



another commissioning I missed, this time about two months…sorry for that and congratulations to this fine build! She turned out excellent, the rigging - you mentioned your second time rigging a ship? - is spot on, and the level detail just amazing, despite you being ‘conservative on aftermarket’ as you said.
Great work!


Beautiful job on her commissioning my Friend…Cheers Mark