I'm a Movie Star Group Build

Group Build Title: I’m a Movie Star Group Build

Group Build Leader(s): @petbat

Group Build Description: Build a Vehicle, Aircraft or Ship as depicted in a Movie. Or, do a figure or bust of someone in a Movie. Or, build a Dio depicting a scene of a movie.

Ever watched a motion picture and seen a something that you thought “I’d love to build a model of that!” This build is designed to let you and other modellers fulfil that dream.


  • Have fun - this is not a serious build
  • Build any vehicle, aircraft or ship as it is depicted in a movie or TV Show. It should be painted and have the markings as shown in the movie. It could also be a dio or figure reproduced from a specific scene in a movie.
  • The model must be along the lines of an Alternate History theme where the intent is the vehicle modelled is based on a real vehicle and supposed to be a real vehicle, or the movie scene is supposed to depict real life. E.g. No Sci-Fi like Doctor Who’s Tardis, Star Wars/Star Trek vehicles, no Gundam, etc. However, If someone wanted to do the Challenger Tank that The Doctor rode on in one episode, that is fine (BUT you have to do the The Doctor with his Guitar - Just kidding…)
  • 100% accuracy to the film is not expected. The modeller should attempt to get it as close as possible but if the movie makers don’t have to be exact, then neither should we. Slightly oversize decals, lettering not quite the right font, etc is all acceptable. A Tiger 1 painted and marked like the one in Kelly’s Heroes will be acceptable, but a T34 converted to look like the Tiger as it was done in the movie would be soooooo much better :grin:. Same for things like FV432 based Stug’s etc. A standard Stug will be accepted). Doing an F16 and calling it as representing the F14 from Top Gun (the original) is not okay!
  • The build must be exclusive to this campaign to receive the award
  • You must post a pic of the vehicle/scene you are going to reproduce and a start up pic showing the kit unstarted when the build commences.
  • Post as many ‘in course of construction’ pics as you can. Use of the sub forum in the build is encouraged, especially if you plan on posting a lot of construction pics.
  • Final pics must be posted to receive the award.

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Completion Award: The following award will be allocated to all those that finish their build in the designated time frame:

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Some ideas:
The howitzer armed M5 Halftrack from Kelly’s Heroes (yes it is not an M3 but a Dragon T19 would be close enough for this):

Col Hessler’s Patton from Battle of the bulge

or Telly Savalas’s Chaffee from The Battle of the Bulge ( I suggst you do one before the final scenes where it is a tad worse for wear:

A Grumman A6 Intruder from ‘Flight of the Intruder’

Vought Corsair from "Baa Baa Black Sheep? (Yeah I’m old…)

The scifi cross overs
WC 63 in Star Trek Enterprise:

The Mighty Mo in “Battleship”:

Spitfire “Danny Boy” from Doctor Who:

The GPW from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Charlie Sheens Foland Gnat from “Hot Shots”

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Oh boy tempted to recreate this:


From saving private Ryan!


That is the spirit Mead. That really brings out the meaning of fun!!!

Too bad I’m already building this one… Elvis’ M48 from GI Blues…

But it does sound tempting…


Oh boy… I can see it now. 20 million "Fury"s… :face_vomiting:

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You are now entering … The Twighlight Zone.
OIP (3)_LI


Rat Patrol … This site has bunches of Hollywood tanks. Just gotta search. IMCDb.org: 1941 White M3 Halftrack in “The Rat Patrol, 1966-1968”

r4UsYpY (2)
i557917 (1)_LI


I’ll join with my Hot Shots Gnat.

Somewhere I’ve also got Special Hobby’s Battle of Britain Buchon. So might do both of those.


Some more inspiration, Danny Glover’s O-2 from BAT*21.


I don’t know if was an actual O-2 or a civvy Skymaster? Been a while since I’ve seen the film and I don’t know too much about the versions besides from the O-2 having more cabin windows.

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Have the Messer-Spit kit. Doing it as a Gando, Canary Islands based bird.

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Which is why I didn’t mention it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ala Mixta 36 . 1963. They seem to have had an unusual dispersal procedure. I’ve seen 406 and 407 “parked”
like this.


You forgot “Das Boot” - I just purchased the kit from Revell. Looks to be a really nice kit.

Count me in. :slight_smile:


No cars allowed ?

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It would appear not, if they are civilian. So if you want to do crazy, post-apocalyptic outback Australia, Mad Max may be out but there’s always the Tank from “Tank Girl”…


I don’t see why not. A vehicle is a vehicle, Car, Truck, Train or stage coach… I am happy to accept them all.

If anyone wants to do the passsenger aircraft Bruce Willis supposedly crawled through in DIieHard 2 go for it…

I’ll amend the rules.

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I have the Porshe 917K that Steve Mcqeens character drove in the movie Lemans.


Any chance we could add figures into the mix?

Can we modify that to figure/bust? I have a few Mitches busts that would work for the theme.

Also what is the rules if allowed on started projects? I have a staled M47/Tiger project.

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