I'm new.....again

Just introducing or re-introducing myself again after a good 10 years or so and, ironically on the 20th anniversary of this great site.

I found kitmaker about a decade ago and contributed a few articles under the name tylusfaust and a few photo features, mostly of the armor and figure variety. Since then, I’ve wandered off model building, raised two kids, started a company that does cosplay props and geek decor with laser engraving and 3d Printing (link in profile), and wandered BACK to armor and figure painting through no small fault of revisiting this site and seeing all the amazing work people do.

I have loved not only model building as a kid for the creativity and love of history but I’ve also always been so impressed with the generosity and knowledge shared in these sites.

So thank you for keeping this site going. I look forward to getting back all those skills that have atrophied and posting some pics and hopefully features.


Welcome back to the happy house :grin:

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I second John, welcome back to the nut house.


Welcome aboard!

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Welcome back, seems you have been quite busy!

Nice to see someone come back to the Dark Side. Looking forward to seeing some of what you build.

Welcome back, good sir. We have kept your cell in good order.


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