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Hi, really a question for the admin wizards really.
I had a 1/72 E100 super heavy tank with flak gun arrive today, and it’s a pretty substantial kit considering its braille scale.
I was wondering how to best going about doing an in box review of the sprues included etc?
I thought others may be interested in it ??

I would say make a post in Armor/AFV category and then it moved wherever later. Could probably add a review tag. That’s what plan for a figure review this weekend but in that section.

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That’s a good plan Ryan. I will do that and hopefully someone can direct me further once I’ve done it :+1::+1:

Better still would be to upload the review to the content site.
Hit the “create” button, and you can add the text and pics. Once approved it will automatically add a forum post, to this site.
Andy :slight_smile:


@Johnnych01 Yes John I second what Andy said. Hit the “Create” button on the Armorama site and write your review with photos just like you would a post. Then it will be an article on the website and have a link in the forums.

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Excellent, thanks Matt and Andy @betheyn. I will do that later on today.

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Andy, sorry to be pain mate, but as you will of no doubt done this before can you give me a further steer please.
I have created a login for the armourama site so all good there.
When I hit create it gives you the title box and description box then a text box.
Now I take it that I start the text, then if and when I want to add a photo, I hit that button and a photo box appears ? Then I add more text by hitting add text button and carry on doing it like that until it’s finished , then send for approval ? Is that the gist of it ?

Yep, that’s it.
The description box is basically an intro into the review, and what will show up on the forum post.
Say for instance you would like to work on the review again tomorrow, hit the “save as draft”, and when you go back onto your profile you will see “draft posts”, the you can work on it some more. Once you are ready for it too be published hit the “save” button.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Brilliant. Thanks Andy… As I say to the lads on shift… That was a great idiots guide :grin::grin::+1::+1:


Right… That’s the review done !!! Hopefully it will get approval soon and posted. Any feedback is appreciated as it’s my first one, but was actually quite enjoyable.
@Tank_1812 , Ryan, when you get round to doing yours, if you follow the above guides from Andy, you really can’t go wrong…
And thanks again @betheyn & @SSGToms :+1::+1:

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Just a piece of advice that might not be warrented. Find a review you like and copy the format/ style for your review.

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