In the mirror scale 1/35

I’m modeler from Russia, but besides assembling models, I also create kitographs of models of Soviet / Russian armored vehicles in 1/35 scale and additions to them. They are in electronic form and in PDF format (available for free download and non-commercial use) posted on my website, to which I invite you.I’ll be glad if my reference books are useful to you.


@fromSalekhard Yuri, hello and welcome to the forum! Thank you for the links to the books.

What’s your favorite era of vehicles, WW2, Cold War or Modern?

What a great amount of information! Thanks for bringing your collection and joining the best hobby suite in the world it’s people other fellow modellers like you that makes it a go to and how to and making the best hobby model suite around online. Your contributions are most welcome its well listed and inventory from manufacturers to modelers built pictures you are an asset and as many you will find in group with so much knowledge that is available here years technical advice as well, thanks and welcome home to the best hobby in the world its my opinion so grab a seat and snacks will be past out shorty! Fist Bump! :fist_right::fist_left:

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Use on health.
I’m not military. By education and by nature - a mechanical engineer. Military equipment is the embodiment of advanced engineering ideas. The period of formation of tanks between the world wars is a fast and interesting way to find the ideal: a variety of forms and ideas.
In modern times, I can hardly tell one tank model from another.

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I will be glad if my information is useful in modeling.