Info needed on Aussie Abrams

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A mate of mine is modelling an Aussie Abrams and is looking for the following information:

“I’m specifically looking for images detailing the fridge in the rear basket and the power block/conduit/terminal, I don’t know what it’s called, on the rear top of the turret between the blast off panels.”

Can anyone help as, although I’m an Aussie, modern armour is not my area of interest!

Thanks in advance.

This may help.

I built up my own fridge according to the info given on the above thread.

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Link forwarded!

Came across these a few years ago


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Tangental but … Hataka paints makes a modern Aussie paint set. Might be handy info. HTK-AS108 Modern Australian Army AFV paint set - Abrams colours - Hataka Hobby (

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Yes, he was looking for that website but it seems to have disappeared.

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AK have an Australian set of paints for the Abrams. I got mine from BnA.

This is from mouse house, although the shop has shut John keeps some info on hand
for the colours I recommend the SMS set, as a former Australian military member I do get pedantic on the aust cam paint colours particularly the green and would recommend SMS paints (I have no affiliation to them), to me they are very close to what is used. Avoid AK paint set as the green nowhere near right, I can’t comment on the Hakata paint as I have not seen them.

The green used by the ADF was called Lustreless Enamel Olive Drab and the closes was Humbrol’s French Artillery Green but as best as I can make out this changed in 2006 and the below specs are the relevant colours

Specifications issued by the Aust Paint Approval Scheme dated 2021 lists the following as the specifications for paint [Australian vehicles]:
Camouflage Green (Olive Drab): SAE AMS STD 595 Colour No. 34088.
Camouflage Brown: SAE AMS STD 595 Colour No. 30219.
Black: SAE AMS STD 595 Colour No. 37038.
Pilbara Brown: SAE AMS STD 595 Colour No. 30109.
Off White: SAE AMS STD 595 Colour No. 37875.

Send me a private email with your email address and I’ll take some photos of the turret of the Abrams I completed using the excellent Arms Corps set.

Here’s a site that may help.

Re colour - Colour can be very subjective. I have no idea what the paint out of the can looks like. But don’t become a slave to ‘exact’ colours. There are simply too many variables. Such as your undercoat. Any colour modulation. Weathering. Is your model an Abrams that sits out in the midday sun? One that bangs around knocking over trees in the NT. Or in the workshop having a refit. Will your model sit under led lights? By a window? How will it be photographed?

My point is to have fun. Build to the standard that you feel comfortable with.

Hi All,

Can’t help with anything re the photos & that, but really the paints, the paints made for the SMS range of Aussie colours are actually made by the company that supplies the real paint to the Aussie Army, so you literally can’t get closer than that.