Australian M1A1 Meng build

I’ve almost finished my 88mm build/diorama. So I’m dusting off the next project. Meng TS-032.

First question. Can someone point me to images and dimensions of the fridge on the Australian units. I’ll scratch build it.


See @HeavyArty 's post here. 6th one down. Gino gives some great info and the sizes you are after as well:

Thanks petbat. A lot of the links in the article are dead.

Sorry, wrong link. That is his old one.

There is also this much newer thread that he repeated the info in and there is other stuff of interest too.

Thanks. I’ve been reading that thread. Image of the fridge would be nice.

Here’s a 1/16th scale one :


OK having shelved my current project It’s time to build an Australian big banger. First Meng so it will be interesting. Note it wont be a rivet counting project but near enough to keep me happy! Hmm that may mean keeping it in the box!


The tracks are a bit tedious but are workable if you take care. They are however, a bit fragile. Other than the tracks it’s a really nice kit.
Good luck.

Just to show I’m serious I have a new work mat. Actually I turned over my 5 year old mat.

Nothing like a tidy up!


Silly dumb question. :hugs: First step in the kit is making up the wheels. So do I paint them first or later? It’s hard to visualize if I will be able to see between the wheels when it’s finished. What does everyone do? Paint first or spray inside once assembled?

I usually leave the wheels on the sprues and spray them there. I will put them together if they have the separate lip on them and clean them up and remove any fill pins left between them. I then paint the whole sprue black. After that, I come back w/a circle template that matches the center metal part and paint each one carefully, front and back. Then I cut them off the sprue, sand and touch up the attachment points, and put them on the tank after it has been painted. Then I weather them all along w/the tank.

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Quick question for the experts. I’m tossing up between two paint schemes. See below. I like ‘Beer’. So the question is - are all the camo paint schemes freelance or is there a base pattern they are all meant to follow. Images on the web are similar but not the same.


When delivered the vehicles were CARC Tan. They stayed that way for a short period but all transitioned to AusCam. The camo is not identical between vehicles, however there is a general similarity on where the various colours go, eg the centre front hull and turret area where the barrel is are is usually a black patch.

This is a fairly good guide found on the website


Thanks. If I go for the AusCam I don’t have to be as accurate. :grin:

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A question that someone may have the answer to.
I’m following Build Australian Abrams

So here’s the hitch. Stage 4 he says to remove square plate and 4 bolts. No mention of parts A17. Braces. So If the braces are used they will be a mm or two short because the mounting plate has gone. I’m assuming that would affect the side skirts latter on. Short of jumping ahead and dry fitting the side skirts does anyone know which is the right way? Remove the bolt heads and mounting plate leaving part A17 short? Or just removing the bolt heads? Or removing the mounting plate and bolts and not using parts A17?


I’ve not built that kit but am looking at the instructions online. Are you sure you’re not looking at the wrong end of the hull? As far as I can see, the only things required to be cut off in Step 4 are the bolt heads and mounting pads for the (optional) mud scrapers Parts A20 just forward of the sprockets at the rear of the hull. Parts A17 attach normally just aft of either idler at the front of the hull.

Duh. Er ah hum well, oops. Yes i hadn’t looked close enough. My bad. I think what threw me was the fact that the plans show the hull rear, (left), to front in the main illustration but the sub window show the hull the other way around.


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You’re most welcome. Looking forward to seeing your completed build!

In the name of research!!

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An update. Nothing really exciting. Except for my misreading the instructions. See above post. :woozy_face:
I’ve only been at this 1/35 AFV stuff for 18 months. So far among my builds I put RFM on top. Next Miniart and then Meng. AFV close behind. There’s something about this kit that’s just that bit short on quality. Instructions are ok but the page size is small. But a number of parts fit into locating holes. Those holes/parts are a sloppy fit. RFM and Miniart are a tight fit. No argument as to how the part fits. But some of the parts on this Meng kit just leave you having to check if they are straight or even fitted properly. ie those sideskirt supports need to be eyeballed to make sure they all line up.

Wheels had quite a bit of flash inside them to clean up. All the wheels/tyres had a very hard/sharp edge to them that needed to be rounded off a touch. The ‘plate’ that goes under the hull needed some filing and cutting to get it to fit at all. Just niggly stuff. Still a nice kit but!!!


deck dry fitted.