Internet Hobbies finally under PA Attorney General's lawsuit

Excuse me if this was posted somewhere in the forum already.

According to this news, the Pennsylvania AG has investigated and filed a lawsuit against this past November (2021):…/lawsuit-filed-by…/…

Do NOT order from these either: Hobby Models, Hobby Wheels, Hobby Rails, Hobby Book Depot, Red Star Hobbies, Military Model Depot, Model Airplane Depot, Model Railroad Depot, Model Ship Depot, Gundam World Online, Model Kit Closeouts and Model Train Closeouts.

What happened/why should people not order from these stores? (I am simply uninformed on the topic)

Read the link,they are scammers with numerous complaints documeted across many modeling sites.

There have been numerous Armoramans defrauded by these folks over the years (in the last 20 years almost), including myself. They’ll take your money and never ship the kits out. Scary part is that these culprits in Pennsylvania own multiple hobby-related websites.

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Btw, here’s one of more recent threads about the scammers:

Started way back in 2011. :smiley:

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So it is a scam that runs multiple operations, got it.

Wow. When I read this, I thought, gee, didn’t I order from them recently? I did, last summer. I got my kits; guess I was lucky.