Internet Hobbies of PA. Ripped me off,Do not order

Hello, I ordered four kits and only sent one.
Took over a month to get to me and won’t
return multiple e-mails. All started Dec 23,2020
and still going on! Google reviews and complaints
Here is Better Business Bureau profile

Be advised there are multiple companies, owned by the same clowns doing this. HobbyModels is another and did the same thing to me. If you paid by visa or PayPal, call them and you’ll get your money back

Sorry about that,their reputation is all over the various modeling forums

Yes indeed - For my first transaction with them I pre ordered a kit at a very good price and received it ahead of time , consequently I tried to use them again and it became a nightmare - same story as everyone else. Card charged , no goods , no response to e mails , calls answered initially and got the run around then calls ignored, blah ,blah , blah.
Got my money back months later by hounding them to death and filing fraud complaint with my credit card company.
I wonder if their software recognizes first time buyers and they service them promptly to bait the hook …

Yes, did not check them out first as mesmorized by the sales.

Yeah, they did same,september 2020,got 1 of 4. Got nothing but rude,condisending responses, EVERYONE STAY AWAY…just say no !!!

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I had very bad dealings with Military Model Depot . and was informed by a member on here that they are part of Internet Hobbies . not sure how true it is but judging by the emailes they sent me ,I know Ill never use them !

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