Introducing Tamiya Simca 5

Hi all,

I made a Tamiya Simca 5 staff car. I tried to make it as similar as possible to a World War II vehicle, but I don’t know if it’s made properly. I did my best and I am sharing the completed picture. Thank you, everyone.


Really nice work!..the painting and weathering are excellent and I like how you
tied in the vehicle to the base.

Thank you for your positive feedback :slight_smile:

It looks pretty nice. Why is the driver’s door torn off though?

The reason for dismantling the vehicle door is to show the inside as well. :slight_smile:

Why not place it on its hinges and have the door swung open, as opposed to torn off? It would then look more realistic and make more sense.

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Makes sense to me, it’s a hot day & he just had to improvise more ventilation. Although there’s plenty of space for a mechanic figure working on the hinges with tool-kit nearby – the ambiguity being is he repairing or removing the door? Maybe needs some tyre tracks in front or behind. It’s not a big thing but Tamiya didn’t include the rails the folding roof runs on – something like this, I just bent some wire…

Great job all round & especially the mud, show us more! :+1: :tumbler_glass:


Very nice! I like it.

On some Porsche 911’s the rear fenders have to be removed to change spark plugs; so some disassembly for maintenance or repair isn’t surprising.

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As you said, I attached it to the hinge and opened the door wide. I think it’s expressed naturally. ^^


That’s a great idea. I never thought of that. I’d like to apply it to my work. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words. I reconnected the door and found it better. Thank you for your advice. :slight_smile:


Good job. It looks much better and more natural.

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Thank you very much for your kind advice.


Very nice little vignette! :champagne::slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your positive feedback.:slight_smile:


I had an Australian designed and built car where you had to unbolt the engine and gearbox from the mounts and jack up the engine so you could clear the inner fenders to have room to remove the plugs at the rear… that is what happens when you shoe horn a 5 litre V8 into a compartment bay that was designed to hold a 4 cylinder or inline 6 originally…


Very nice. It looks much better with the door attached. The mud is well done too.

One little thing you might want to consider on your next build, is that wiper blades are usually resting on the windscreen, not the body work. The actuators are designed to stop them from running down to prevent the rubber being torn off.

Looking forward to seeing more builds from you.

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Thank you for your kind advice. I will work on a correction to solve the problem, thank you.


Hi, I am not saying correct it, just some advice for the future. I would hate to see this damaged by such a little thing!

As long as you know something wrong, you feel relieved to correct it. Thank you.