Iranian T-54? -B or -3?

There is an Iranian T-54 in the AK book on the Iran Iraq war. The photo is minute. They identify it as a -3. Takom uses that vehicle in the T-54B kit and identify it as a B. I’m wondering whether anyone has a larger photo of the pic. I’ve searched online to no avail. There is a photo of the camo from the Takom instructions in the Armorama kit review. I think I’m going to link to it this way (hopefully will work):


OK, that pic is tiny, here is the link, I think:

A lot of stuff in that book is just made up. Iran didn’t have T-54s.

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It was captured from Iraq. Has the IRGC “logo” on it in several places.

I would love to have a larger version of the photo if anyone has one.

What you are looking at is a BS illustration. Iraq had gotten rid of any T-54s years earlier by donating to other Arab countries so they had no T-54s to be captured. Like I said before a lot of those profiles in that book are just made up.

Multiple sources claim iran had T-54 as early as 1981

Where did Iran get the hulls used when upgrading “something” to the Safir-74 configuration?

" Crucially, with the advent of the Iran-Iraq war, the West and East seemed to take sides, and while Saddam’s regime was backed by Westerners (but received equipment from USSR and China also), traditional Iranian defiance towards USSR declined but still made China, now antagonized towards USSR a natural provider. 480 T-72, 75 T-62, and 540 T-54/T-55/Type 59 were obtained. In addition, North Korea, but also Brazil became short-term military providers. These were accompanied with technological transfers, laying the foundations for future local armament industries."
They did not have them at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war in September 1980 but when did the deliveries

It was captured from Iraq. There is a photo to go with the illustration. I believe every illustration has the photo that was used as the source.

Show me the photo. If you believe that every illustration has a photo, I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you.

First off Iraq had no Type 59s regardless of what some people would have you believe. They had quite a few Type 69s, two different tanks. Guess you missed the part where I stated what T-54s Iraq had they got rid of long before the Iran-Iraq War. Iraq received T-54s in the late 50s, early 60s. They gave them later on to other Arab states long before the war. That article is just wrong with the same mistakes the internet seems to permeate. Iran used T-55s for the T-72Z mod.

We are taking about iran, not Iraq

Maybe you did not proof read your post thoroughly:
“What you are looking at is a BS illustration. Iran had gotten rid of any T-54s years earlier by donating to other Arab countries so they had no T-54s to be captured. Like I said before a lot of those profiles in that book are just made up”

You will have to forgive me for reading your words instead of your thoughts.

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Try to track with the conversation, Mead. Robin brought up Iraq with his article.

It states the Iranians couldn’t get equipment from the west so they were supplied T-54,T-55 from China… also you started by saying iran never had T-54, that is waht I was touching on…

Obviously you knew what I meant or you wouldn’t try sharp shoot me with an article that is wrong with some of it’s facts.

Please read my post carefully. The mention of Iraq is not central, the web-site I refer to
talks about Iranian armaments and mentions Iraq in passing when sorting out the Iran-Iraq war.
It’s difficult to discuss Irans war with Xxxx without mentioning what Xxxx means …

If those numbers were supposed to be for Iran, then the articles is grossly wrong. Hard to argue facts with people that believe everything they read on the internet is true.

Give us some sources then

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Yes they are talking about Iraq in this paragraph, not Iran. Mead you seem to be hitting the mead with your comprehension

The photo is on page 30 of the book. Every illustration in the book has a photo to go with it.

Is it from the front or the rear of the vehicle. I don’t have the book.