Iraq Surge M2A2

I know the M2 has been talked over and over, but I haven’t quite found the answer I’m looking for. I’m going to attempt to build an accurate representation of the Bradley I rode in during OIF V 2007-2008 with 3ID. It was an M2A2 variant with ERA mounted. I want to build a complete model with an accurate and complete interior. What would be the best base kit to start with? Using the Meng kit seems like it would require a fair bit of modification, removing the CIV from the outside as well as a fair bit of interior modification such as the seats. Or would it be better to start with an older Tamiya kit and figure out where to get a complete interior?

These may help to start with Stephen,

M2/M3 Bradley Reference


Looking to find accessories for Tamiya M2, M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Might be some good starting points or references for you. Im sure other more knowledgeable chaps from across the pond will direct you better :+1:

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Thanks for the links, I’ve read the reference post top to bottom twice lol. There are a few things in there that help but im still stuck on the best platform to start with. Im guessing the Meng kit just due to the newer molds and what seems to be extremely accurate.

ah fair enough. Maybe Gino can help out as he is pretty clued up on the M2s. I’m sure he will pick up on this thread.

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There’s always my Walkaround that MENG used for their kits. But no worries, I’ve got plenty of pics of the older variants as well. PM me if interested.

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Thanks for the info, I may reach out when I get to the point of actually starting. I’ve got a few reference pics of the exact vehicle im modeling and waiting for a friend to send more… but some things are always missing and the memory gets a little fuzzy … so I’ll keep you in mind!

You can backdate the Meng M2A3 to an M2A2 OIF. I did it a few years go, without BRE, but pretty much the same.

You can also check out the M2/M3 Bradley Reference thread that Johnnych01 linked to. It has all the info you need to backdate it.

@HeavyArty the model you did in tan with the bench seats, that was a meng?

It started out as a Meng M3A3 kit. I built the bench seats myself and backdated it to a 3ID M2A2 OIF from the invasion of Iraq in '03. If you follow along in the tread, you will see how I did it. It wasn’t that bad to do.

@HeavyArty alright I give up… Im looking through the resource thread for anything about those seats and im not seeing anything other than the completed pictures of the entire track… Am I missing something or looking in the wrong thread?

You can see them in-progress in my build thread. I started with a couple M113 side skirts and added 45 degree angle and square stock styrene framing and legs, along with A&B putty cushions.

My apologies, when you posted the link before, I thought that was an ad or something. First day here and its not the traditional forum style so still learning… and honestly, loving it!

And a belated welcome then…

And if and when you do build it, feel free to add some images here to this thread, and a back story :+1:

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@Johnnych01 Thanks, and I definitely will!

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