Is Airfix getting cheeky?

Just landed an Airfix 1/48 JU-87B1 , kit A07114, the 2017 release with Kondor Legion markings. Was doing some research on Scalemates and it shows a A07114A ,2021 release. Allegedly the same kit with new decals (BoB, Italian, North Africa). Scalemates references the instructions for the 2017 boxing. On Britmodeler site and a You tube review the instructions are totally different (look like a simplistic , early 80s 1/72 sheet) and the parts sprues are now where near what I have. Also, just from a quick look the parts look 1980s too. The gunners basket seat (an actual basket in mine ) is something akin to an American baseball base pad. On my 2017 kit, there is a fuselage section from tail to firewall and then the nose section with the option for the full engine. The “new” release , the fuselage is one section, from nose to tail. Did the wankers pull out an old set of molds out (like they did for the Fairy Battle?) and are trying to pass it off as a rebox of their 2017 new molds ?


Instructions for gunners position for 2017 kit…

WHOLE cockpit of 2021 boxing…

New tooling boxes are different to “Classic” boxes?

Oops! Neeeever Mind. The kit in question is actually a rebox of 1981 molds reboxed in 2010. Some how got a hit on my search. Guess puter figures if I search “1/48 Airfix Stuka A07114A” that '1/48 Airfix Stuka " is close enough. Anybody know what the “new” decals for the 2021 release are? Junkers Ju87-B, Airfix A05100 (2010) (

Nevermind - Emily Litella - YouTube

They shouldnt use the red boxes for the “classic” OLD kits. Use gold boxes for the ancient retreads. Save the red for kits with molds actually tooled this century.


Seriously, “vintage classics” would oft times be better labeled “Ancient, under-detailed, poorly fitting for nostalgia purposes only” in large, obvious script. Having said that, I’m all for them re-releasing models which have no modern equivalent. I wouldn’t mind picking up their big ol’ hovercraft kit, for example. That and not ALL of their old kits are terrible. The one that baffles me the most is their 1/76 panther. Still available…

Back on subject: I’d be also baffled if the older airfix Stuka has not been properly retired now.

Classic is classic…certainly no new molds.

i haven’t built an airfix kit since i was a kid and if they are doing this sort of under handed activity then i won’t be going near them if they’re trying to palm off ancient kits as re-tooled kits.

Not nearly as bad as Revell. They’ll plaster ‘NEW’ all over just about anything.

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That’s my approach if Revell, Lindberg, Airfix, Alan and a few others have their name on the box.


They aren’t trying to palm off older kits as being modern!

Airfix rely a little too much on Facebook for kit suggestions.
A lot of people are requesting old kits there from simple nostalgia of building it when they were younger.
There have been some right old dogs reissued in recent years that have me completely baffled, but plenty of good old kits have been ignored. The Shorts Skyvan for example.

I have nothing against reboxing old kit.But as I said, in Airfixs case, use different boxing for oldies, and leave the red box for stuff that was tooled this century. Also, in Airfix’s defense , part of the confusion in this case is them reissuing the 2017 kit with new decals, then Scalmates not listing waht the new decals are and using the 2017 kit for reference. When the 1980s kit, in a red box , with decalls different than the ones in the other two red boxed for real new kits logical conclusion IS this must be the announced 2021 rebox of the 2017 tooled kit with the new decals. ATTENTION AIRFIX; I’d been royally pissed if I’d ordered up a kit thinking it was the new molds and got old cludge.

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Kinda hard to “beware” when the old cludge and the new tooled kit of the same subject are in the same type box. And hard to “check condition” when in a sealed box … or if buying on line , a continent or two away.


Sorry the kit wasn’t what was hoped for and expected.

Did the kit have a sku number or catalog number etc available to check online details, reviews etc?

Just the Panther? The Tiger is also still available, and that was once voted the most hated Airfix kit ever made…

How hard is it to pull out your smart phone, go on to Scalemates, and check out the lineage of a kit while looking at said kit in a hobby shop? At worst you may have a bad internet signal. If you’re looking at it online to buy, there is no excuse whatsoever.

Just don’t forget their real new tools. which are fantastic and up there with the best!