Is Super Hobby legit?

Have folks here used them? I don’t have any reason to doubt them, but after that vendor in Pennsylvania with all the aliases, I thought I’d ask before buying…

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They do have the bad habit of registering sites for different country domains (.se .ca, .uk .whatever)
which makes them seem like scammers (bad translations et.c). I suppose they do it as a customer service but it does get my scam alerts triggered. I think their roots are in Poland.

I have bought from them once (AFV-Club M35A1 quad .50, Nancy, gun truck) without any issues.
I usually buy from cheaper outlets but sometimes they carry stuff that I can’t find anywhere else, or have the lowest prices.

The real home site:

all their copy-sites they “cooperate” with:

PJB Hobby Sp. z o.o.
Koźmice Wielkie 781 32-020 Wieliczka Poland
Telephone +48 12-284-83-28


Buy with confidence. I have used them a number of times and have a few items in the cart now. Just pay attention to the availability bar if in stock and when they expect to receive if the item is needed quickly.


Hi Phil,

I can recommend them, too - I’ve ordered from them 7 or 8 times and the prices are good and the shipping + service are prompt. :+1:


Yes, they are from Poland, I bought items from them many times (I’m also from Poland :slight_smile: ). Very good service and prices. I can recommend them too.


Used their Polish site on a few occassions. No issues.

Tank, did you pay with Paypal, or can you use a credit card?

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You can use paypal, no problems, good webshop!

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I use PayPal.

They accept Credit card, PayPal, PayU, bank transfer and also COD with some restrictions.

  • In Poland - PayU, PayPal, or standard bank transfer
  • In the EU - PayPal or bank transfer
  • All other countries - PayPal only


I was sort of taken in by the “UK” piece but in fact they are very good; speedy, efficient service. Stuff I ordered was well packaged. Delighted with them to be honest.

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I’ve ordered from them. Hataka Lacquer paints in fact. 3 weeks and I had them.

i use them all the time, never had a problem.