Israeli Chariot - The M51 Sherman. 1967

Finally broke down and slapped this one together over the weekend.

This one went together beautifully. My only gripe was blending the turret halves together, but even that was easy to do.

The pesky rubber and tracks were replaced with R-Model tracks after a quick treatment with AK Interactive blackening solution, which actually trusted them up nicely

Pre-fitted everything to make sure it all goes in as it should. The rest basket and travel lock came from Shapeways and are definitely an improvement over the stock parts.

Finally; coated everything in black primer in preparation for painting. I hand painted the .50 cal and it looked old excellent.

I have an Easy Right from Tamiya as well in the stash and look forward to putting it together as well.


That’s a sharp looking M51, Reynier! :ok_hand:t3:


Looks good!
So I assume this is a Tamiya kit?
I have been eyeballing the Academy-version for quite some time now…

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Yes. This is the Tamiya kit (35323). It’s a very nice kit.


Great looking build Reynier… And fast as well…lovely work. :+1:


You built this entire kit and the indy tracks in one weekend? You didn’t sleep, did you?

I had the Indy tracks built prior to assembling the kit; I finished weathering the tracks while watching TV and I said to myself, “Ah! Why not?” And decided to build the kit.


It’s a fun kit, no doubt about it. Were the R-model tracks easy to assemble?

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Yes, they’re pretty easy to assemble. kind of like Modelkasten. The main advantage is that the pins are already cut to length and don’t have to deal with the spool.


Applied paint to the M51.

Plus showcasing my home built paint booth as well.

Keep those lungs safe. :wink:

The paint. I mixed 50/50 Tamiya Desert Yellow and Buff.

Still need to paint the road wheels, idlers and return rollers. I’ll tackle that as soon as I can find the damn stencil I paid money for… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then I’ll clear coat it all, followed by decals and weathering/washing.

Stay tuned. :grin:


Paint is looking good!

:mask: Not safe enough. This is more like it…

Happy modeling!

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Show off. Lol.

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One question to everyone that has already built this kit. Which color did you choose for the canvas dust cover around the main gun mantlet? Did you paint it in a different color or just left it she same color as the rest of the vehicle?

I am thinking of painting it in Khaki, so it contrasts with the main armor picture, but because it is a bit hard to find color images of the M51 as they were in 1967, I’m having a hard time trying to figure what color to use (if any).

Looking at this picture from Yad La-Shiryon (israeli Armored Forces Museum). It clearly shows the canvas is painted like the rest of the vehicle. But considering that the display vehicle has been painted multiple times over the course of its existence at the museum, it does not tell me accurately if the vehicle was tlike that during its time in active service with the IDF.

Splitting hairs? Maybe…

Looking good. I always liked the look of the Israeli Shermans. I need to build one for myself. I did an IDF M1 a while ago for a client, but have none for myself.
IMG_0654 (1)

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Tamiya sells two versions of the M51; the base edition, which is the one that I bought (35323), and an upgraded version (25180) that includes a set of Photoetched detail parts, made by Aber.

I bought the base kit, plus purchased separate parts from the Dragon M51 Sherman (mainly the PE parts and fuel cans with racks) and the stowage from the Dragon IDF M3 Halftrack.

OK, I think these are from 1973, and some are hard to see, but they show the canvas is a different color:




Got some more painting done yesterday; mainly a quick airbrush on the running gear before I realized that one of my return rollers went AWOL on me. :anger:

I’ll just leave the upper hull unglued until i find it; couldn’t have gone too far…

You can see which roller is missing…

I’ll continue tackling the detail painting as I go. I’m working afternoons, so I don’t have much time to sit down and really work on this kit until the weekend.


Looking fantastic! Really excellent results!

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Thanks; I think this will be my final submission for the “IDF 75 Campaign”.

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I have Academy’s M51 in the mail as we speak. Can’t wait to give that one a go.
Some of my colour images: