Issue Making Campaign Active

I read through the tutorial a few times and started a campaign: Railroad Structures

Made it active last night but it is in Railroad Modeling. I can’t get it back into campaigns without it being in Staging. Tried a fix but now the campaign appears to have disappeared from the Campaigns forum.


Thanks for your help,


Talk to the campaign guru @SSGToms.

@JPTRR Done. Campaign made active and given it’s own topic.


Awwww I thought the title meant you were launching a Campaign To Make Trouble. So many possibilities… :smiling_imp:


:smiley: that is actually an awesome idea! We need to kick this idea around. Sappers wiring a bridge, special forces lurking, partisans sabatoging, AT gun lying in wait, and a zillion other concepts am totally missing. It could even include kids stealing hubcaps or egging a house…


Thank you.

What did I do wrong? Or do I simply not have full access to campaigns? And I have learned the hard way in the past not to go into editing and just clicking around.

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You’re welcome Fred. You have to start from the forums page, click on the wrench, and create a new category for your campaign. Then go from there. It’s a multi step process but no problem, that’s what I’m here for.

Write that down somewhere Fred. I don’t know that I’m going to even get through everything I’ve already volunteered for this year, but that would be an epic campaign idea with tons of potential.